growing by leaps


This was taken last monday, january 18th. It was starting to grow nicely.


Here is a little different angle. I did notice someone had been playing in the potting soil though, if you look in the upper left corner. So I had to move it to the fireplace mantle.


Here it is 10 days later, much taller with a baby sprouting up the side. I am very impressed with this and it is really nice to have something growing during these winter months!


On this last tuesday the 26th I made my way to ArtLink. They had three different shows going on. One was a postcard show for a fundraiser for ArtLink. I picked up this charming etching by Paul Demarre. It just had everything I liked, the little bicycle, the tree, the flowers. It was very charming. I also wanted to see if the postcard that I submitted had made it there and it had. I am mad at myself though for not taking pictures from the other shows. It would have added to my blog post for sure.


Here is Mackie the labradoodle that I did on a 3 X 5 illustration board done in graphite. I had not done a postcard show before and enjoyed looking a learning how others sent their cards in. All of them had to be sent through the mail like a real post card. The post office clerk was funny because I was also sending a hand painted rock through the mail in an envelope so she had a few unusual items to figure out how to cost. I was happy with my Mackie drawing and thought I picked up her eyes pretty well, faces are important. That’s it for now, thanks for checking in!

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