Getting Outside

So I had my first surgery on June 8th and I didn’t get around easily with my walker. Using the walker throughout the house was ok I just kept bumping into doorways and getting through doorways to go outside. We had some good friends stop by last week, they brought a favorite Italian restaurant for dinner and homemade apple crisp. It was fabulous to see them and the weather was nice so that some swam and others sat around the pool. Thank you for good friends. I wheeled my walker out with the help of Tom, he has been the best through this.
Yesterday on Fathers Day I decided that I was tired of walking with the monstrosity walker. I tested the leg and it didn’t hurt so I practiced walking by myself. It was working ok but I got pretty tired. I had some food to make for the holiday, scalloped potatoes, double thick chocolate brownies, hamburger patties with seasoning, cut up melon with blueberries. Got that done and sat and rested, everyone else took care of what needed to be done. I decided to just go back to my cane for the moment and it is easier to go outside. It feels great to be more mobile. The hip replacement has been easier than the knees. I am having another friend come tomorrow to take me to the doctor. Its a big day because I am getting my 31 staples out. We are then going out for a nice lunch.
This morning I went out to take pictures of flowers that I love and are so proud that they are blooming. The first picture above, I was shocked that the tiger lily was blooming. I think I planted it two years ago and didn’t see it last year and thought it was a goner. I saw this bright orange color in the landscaping and was happily surprised. The next picture was the hydrangea I planted last year and was happy that it made it and it looks like it will be pink. The next picture of the blue flowers always delight me when they bloom. The next picture is my husband Tom yesterday just enjoying himself, sitting back and doing what he wants to do.

It was so nice to all be together and I love this picture of my guys. Sam -Tom-Kevin. I hope you also had a great Father’s Day.
The next two pictures are made with Acrylic Ink and High Flow paint.
I love the color in this one and doodles with Poska Pens and white acrylic ink.
The last is just imitating some Georgia O’Keefe. Her painting is on the right and mine is the left.

Thanks for checking in.

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