Found a Surprise

When I was walking around the yard today I saw a new addition in the forsythia bush. Low and behold there are two beautiful blue eggs. The birds can construct a gorgeous nest in jig time…..amazing.
They built it in a very sturdy part of the bush but it isn’t high off the ground. When the leaves come out it will help to shield it. We have fox and coyotes and cats that roam and I hope they will be safe.
I have been adding many originals to my online shop and this will be todays add “No Goldfish Allowed”. Wednesday is Earth Day, April 22nd. This painting came about because of a report I heard that people who did not want their gold fish anymore would dump them in the freshwater lakes. Goldfish are carp…..carp grow very big….it throws off the ecosystem. The news report asked people not to do this. This mixed media painting has many great elements to enjoy. It shows above and below the water. The area above the water is calm but still busy. You can see a beaver with grass in his mouth, a dragonfly and frog on lily pads. A painted turtle getting air along with little ripples from insects or tiny fish. Below the surface are the lower parts of the beaver and the turtle. The goldfish, sunfish, trout and minnows along with all the movement of the plants. A world that we can only imagine how it really looks. The size is 20 X 40 and will be under Originals in the shop. Reproductions and cards can also be purchased and everything has free shipping. Use the coupon code Freeship.
The grape hyacinths are up in all their glory. I really love these.
The daffodils are a bit droopy from the recent snow. I think a little sunshine would do them well. I love these because their blooms are like double daffodils.
This planter I have at the pool and even though it is metal, we bungee cord it to the fence because the wind comes through so much in this area. This is what it looks like by the middle of the season only with flowers in it. The birds tear it apart to make nests. This is probably where the Robins got some of their nest material. I don’t mind at all but it just doesn’t stay pretty.
So last fall I had an “Ah Ha” moment and thought I should put the new lining and then the pot that the hyacinths came in. This would give and keep structure and then put the old liner and dirt. That way the birds can take the nest making material and everything will stay nice.
We will see how it goes when I buy flowers again.
I always have a curious crowd to shoo back when I come back into the house.
This bird feeder is still not drawing birds! I have decided that the lip is too narrow and they cannot get a good footing. We are going to add this plastic plate to give them more room.
Going to drill holes in it for drainage and the guys will attach it, probably with screws since they know where all the tools are. Will keep you updated. Today I did some online shopping to get a couple more bird feeders. I was on Amazon and then decided that I needed to go to our local Wild Birds Unlimited Store, ordered good quality items and having them shipped and helped our local vendors.
I did order a belt on Amazon and Sweeper bags. I have gotten my use out of this 8 year old belt. It gets caught on my belt loops. Amazon must have thought these two items are essential because an hour later I was told they were packed and shipping. They don’t want my pants falling down or not to be able to sweep my house especially during this time of year when we have a lot of shedding.
It I am not embarrassed to say this…..I love cookies for breakfast, especially these cookies. I think many people like them too, sometimes they are all out at the grocery store! I eat three when I have them, two are never enough. I love them with my coffee. I hide them….they are all mine. Everybody has their own likes and I don’t eat theirs.

My husband Tom is funny. I was noticing that he was watching baseball games, the first Tigers game from last year. The first Tigers game when they opened Comerica Park, that was 20 years ago and fun to see the changes in broadcasters that are still at Comerica Park today. Old baseball movies. He likes to watch Reelz….The Mobsters…which there doesn’t seem to be any new mobsters anymore. I could tell you the story of John Gotti and recognize all the names of the others. Now there are gangsters…..not the same as mobsters. I told him you should binge watch on Netflix. “No don’t want to do that, it is a waste of time.” I say….no it’s not…it’s really great. I want you to see Blacklist, just watch two episodes. It’s exciting and you have to figure out what is going on. Ok, begrudgingly with a sigh……..He loves it. We usually watch three at one sitting. We are on episode 17 of the first season.

Our hair, it’s growing, like crazy, I am sure you know what I mean. I hope the stylists and nail places are resting up, they are going to have a lot of business. It’s gotten to the point where I keep it clean and brush it and try to give it some style when I go to the grocery store. It will be time to pull it back pretty soon. We can get new hairstyles because it will be long enough. I did find some, new to me, conditioner that I just love! Kenra It makes my hair really shiny nice and manageable even with the extra length. I give it a recommendation.

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