Forever homes

Today the kittens are seven weeks old and last night two of our kittens went to their forever homes. I understand that they had great nights either cuddling with each of their new family members or running and climbing helter skelter through the house. Here is the first kitten with his new family. They have named him Chase and he was the one running through the house. They have gotten Chase a cat castle to climb on. I have seen the pictures and it is impressive to say the least. You can tell he will be receiving a lot of love and good care.

This is a picture of Chase when he was two weeks old. I was amazed at how fast they grew.

Here is our second kitty, he was the one with the dark legs. He was being taken home as a surprise and everyone fell in love with him…even the neighbors. As of this time I don’t think a name has been chosen yet. His new family has 4 children ranging in age of 4 to 13 and two adults.

Here is his two week old picture also. Both cats are polydactals like their mother, or have the extra toes.

The front two are the kittens and here they are probably four weeks old, I am so thankful that they have homes but I am gonna miss those little peanuts.

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