For the New Year 2024

Here it is the fifth day of January and the New Year has really started out pretty well. We spent New Years Eve in Detroit and attended a Red Wings game. They played the Bruins and unfortunately lost but it was still fun with a packed house. I am showing my favorite player, Mo Seider # 53. He is a young defenseman (age 22) and is just a steady guy doing his job. He is a favorite, there are many of his jerseys being worn at every game we go to. The weather cooperated, not too cold, we stayed the night and got back on New Years Day around one to just take it easy.

One of new calendars, my husband, Tom knows I love lighthouses and picked it up. I was thrilled to see the Manistee light because two years ago we took a sunset cruise that took off from Manistee.

Here is my picture of the Manistee light as we were getting ready to go out on Lake Michigan. I laugh every time I think of when I made a post on Facebook about this picture. I made reference to the cat walk and was put into Facebook jail because I was writing about something inappropriate.

Another calendar, a mini Susan Branch that I keep right in site of my computer. I do love her watercolor painting and notes and quotes. Out today is a new blog post on her site, it’s always interesting.
I always use her two year pocket calendar that is just as cute as her larger calendars. The cover papers are very sturdy and that is handy because I take it in and out of my purse a lot. I love the primroses on the front.
A friend and I exchange calendars each year and usually it is a Charley Harper Calendar. This year I asked for this Terrry Runyan calendar. I just love her cats, this one will be going down into a room that I am turning into guest room and extension of my studio.
Most of the pictures here today are taken on my new little digital camera. In the near future we are flying to Arizona and I wanted a small camera that is not my phone. Or a small one to take to the beach that is easier to handle than my Nikon while sitting in a beach chair.
I am still learning where everything is and these Starbucks cups could have used a flash. I don’t know what I am going to do with them but maybe some of the designs may be some inspiration.
We have been looking for travel items and have found a few at Meijer. We are not checking a bag but doing a carry on and another bag to put under the seat. I had been looking all over for some root pump and found some made by Big Sexy Hair. It’s pretty cute if I do say so. I have found little Secret deodorant and the little bottle for my shampoo and a travel blow dryer at half price with some extra CVS points. They almost gave it to me!

This weekend we will be seeing a Lions game. They have been very exciting and we started going to the games when they were 0 AND 16. We have gone through 4 coaches, the owner William Clay Ford passed away, then Martha Ford, his wife took the helm and now Sheila Ford, the daughter is the chairwoman. Dan Campbell, the coach has been there for three years but played for the Lions in 2006. He is from Texas.

There are many exciting things coming up in the next months. This is my first painting for the year. I am just sketching in with watercolor crayons and pencils. This is so the mark dissolves when I use the paint. This is a special piece which I will talk about when it is completed.

These are the books I am reading right now on my kindle app. I saw them on facebook and bought them. The first five or 6 were a total of $6.99 and I couldn’t find them in the library, so I went for it. These books are entertaining with a retired policeman who lost his wife a year before. He didn’t know how to cook and decided to take a trip to different small cities and learn how to make different dishes. He is accompanied by a dog who was kicked out of the police academy for disobedience. It is fun to read what the dog is thinking and of course the retired policeman falls into cases. It is Albert Smiths Culinary Capers and I purchased on, of course, Amazon.
Our tree and lights are still up. I love to look in there and see them. I am really enjoying them now since I don’t have to do anything, just enjoy. We probably will take them down next week. There is a little snow coming so I will take down the outdoor lights but we don’t turn them on anymore. I have been getting the applications in for upcoming art shows. There are many new painting ideas swirling in my mind. I would like to paint a couple of pieces of furniture and get pictures hung. I am planning on working on needlework and hopefully a little quilting. Plans for the redo of the guest area, and short term would like to clean out my bird feeders and put new food in and plant some succulents to replace others that didn’t make it.

This little guy comes onto our porch to eat the cat food. I believe he may make it into a painting.

I hope your New Year is going fine and until next time.

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