Eclipse 4/4/2015


I am always up early anyways so I was looking forward to seeing this blood moon eclipse. I really didn’t start seeing much until around 6:30 am. Here is just the start of the suns shadow across the moon. I was thankful that there was not a cloud in the sky.


This was probably around 6:45 ish. I didn’t stand outside and watch. To me that would have been like watching paint dry.


This was around 7:10. Very noticeable for sure.


I like this picture the best. You can just see the shape of the sun going over the moon, around 7:30 am.


About halfway now, the sun is starting to rise in the east. It is getting lower and going behind houses. I knew with my next shot I was going to have to take a walk. 7:45 am


Here it is fading away, just about a fourth of it left. I never got to see it be red. Here is has a slight tinge to it, but it was the wrong time of the day. 8:05 am. Thanks for stopping….hope you enjoyed it.


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