Early March Thoughts

These little crocus are always the first to bloom. They seem petit and delicate but if we would have had snow they still would have bloomed. They are maybe the size of a quarter.
I was walking in our yard to see how my knee would fair on uneven ground and found this wooly bear caterpillar plugging along in the grass. I feel that he was confused since our winter was so mild. We maybe had two really short cold spells. I put him back out after I took his picture.
I am so glad to see these hyacinths coming up. My son Kevin had gotten me, for Easter, a pot of the blooming flowers. Then I had put them on a top shelf in the garage and forgot about them. He asked me sometime in November if I had planted them and that prompted me to grab them off the shelf. They were so dry but I got them into the ground because the next day was supposed to be some snow. They are the prettiest dark purple I believe. Looking forward to their debut.
I looked out to the pond a couple weeks ago and first saw some of our usual geese but then I saw these skinny legged birds. We have a Blue Heron that we see often but he is always solo. Does somebody know, are these cranes? They kept walking and probably flew off and only stayed a short time.
I was going through a drawer that had items that I didn’t want to get rid of, but probably won’t use again. Do you know what this is? It is a nice ceramic piece. It is a neck decoration and one puts a tie through it to have the look of a colonial woman. These are from the 70’s.
Lastly did anyone else get their pictures taken at an amusement park and get the keychain pictures? These are at least 40 years old and there are some young thin people hidden inside these plastic tubes.

My knee is coming along and at times it acts up but I have been given the tools to bring it out of the hissy fit it is throwing. Sometimes there are cats sleeping on that leg and it wakes up pretty stiff and protesting. I have been working on picking up heavy items and the 35 pound bag of cat litter is the choice heavy bag. It makes it feel funny but just have to work through it. I am able to do the regular work at home, grocery shopping and all that. So it is what it is. and I am thankful for it.

Hoping for a good art season. Right now they are shutting them down in the southern states but nothing that has affected me but later on we will see. Working on new paintings and have many more in my head and sketchbook.

I just keep washing my hands…..like usual.

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