Cookout Food


For our cookout with our friends on the 4th I did chicken shish ka bobs. Here are my nifty curved skewers. The chef wasn’t as thrilled with my skewers as I was. He thought it was hard to position them on the grill, but he still seemed to make things taste good.


The chicken breasts were cut into chunks and marinated in my go to sauce from the grocery. I use the beef for everything. It really gives the chicken a good flavor along with being tender and juicy.


Peppers, onion and pineapple were also added to the skewers.


Here they are, all ready to put on the grill.


I also made some pasta salad that had everything I could think of, mini pepperoni, rotini pasta, diced ham, peas, orange and red pepper, little bit of red onion, medium whole black olives. The dressing was one package of dry italian dressing, one cup reduced fat sour cream, one cup of reduced fat mayonnaise, two tablespoons of milk. Whisk it together and pour over the items in the bowl. Our friends brought, salad, deviled eggs, cookies, peach cobbler. The deviled eggs were tasty, they were made with guacamole, with bacon on top and a little bar b que sauce.


We had a feast and a really good time. I hope you had a really good fourth too. Thanks for stopping!


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