Colder than anticipated


A week ago we went to Comerica Park in Detroit, one of our favorite places to go. We anticipated chilliness but the forecast did not live up to its high of 48. Now I really don’t like to be too hot or for that matter too cold. I dressed in layers, long underware, t-shirt, heavy sweatshirt. I knew I was in trouble when the thermometer kept going down instead of up. Gametime temp was 33 degrees with a wind of 10 mph. So before we left the car I grabbed this heavy jacket and the wool blanket. Here I am smiling but I think my teeth were chattering. My husbands teeth must have been chattering also because that picture is a bit blurred. I had earmuffs and gloves also. The temp got up to a balmy 36 by the end of the game. Two hours south of Detroit at home, sunny and 48. We still had a good time. It took us most of the way home with the heat up and the fan blowing to thaw out. April temps are always iffy. It was great to go to the bathroom where there was hot water to thaw out our hands. People were standing in front of the hand dryers just to warm up. It was a first to buy coffee instead of the usual ballpark beverage. Nothing like a good time at the ol’ ballpark! I would do it again in a minute!

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