Christmas on the Farm, Christmas Decorations

This past Saturday, Dec. 2nd I did just a small show-12 vendors. We were in a nice clean big equipment barn. I was fortunate to have my niece Wendy help this time. Here is a cute selfie of the two of us.

My table all set up and ready to go. I was glad that the weather had not turned really cold yet because it would have been uncomfortable for sure. They suggested that we bring electric blankets because the barn is not heated. That is a good idea!

We put the Christmas tree up, its 11 or 12 feet and is pre lit, sorta. Of course they all don’t work so I just put lights in the three bare spots. It’s a great concept, does anyone’s prelit tree ever stay completely lit?? I am really happy with the prettiness of it. There is a little brown box on the right under the tree. It has the ashes of our cat Smoke who lived to be 19 yrs old. He loved the Christmas Tree and couldn’t wait to sleep under it. Every year we put his ashes where he always slept. The quilt is very old and very tattered and very loved and I love it for the tree skirt. The rest of the year it sits on a shelf.

I absolutely love these faux candles! They are the cat’s behind!

This remote turns them all on, they will shut off in two, four or six hours. The lights can be turned down. Love it!! Last year I did a three day show at the beginning of December and I was behind the rest of the month. I will only do a small show from now on, I am enjoying December now. We really have kept the decorations in the main living area only. After 37 years we have accumulated a lot of decoration goodies. I pick and choose about what goes out because I don’t want to have to take them down, it is a chore. I have enough to give the boys and wouldn’t notice. Simple yet elegant. We also have a few lights outside and I have these 3 simple stair stepped size trees. Our wind has been strong these last few days and I cannot keep them up, two are usually on the floor of the porch. How people put lights all over their house is mind boggling to me, they just have the temperament. I am always in awe.  Temps are only in the 20’s with a little tiny bit of snow. It is now feeling like winter.


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