Busying around


Mr. Blue Heron was closer than he was the night before. But I still can’t get the best look at him yet. He is just teasing me by being so close yet so far.


Finally got a few herbs planted. Sweet basil is so great to just touch and smell.


These two pots are growing cat nip.


Finally got the begonias planted. There are two more pots in the back of the house also.


Front porch planters are growing and blooming. Can really tell a difference.


I started a poster of wildflower plants and birds. It will be done in watercolor.


Cut out the birds to applique onto the little quilt.


This baby squirrel has taken refuge in our covered porch. This morning Lily must have been toting it back home to present to me. It got away and went shooting into the porch with Lily on it’s tail. Next thing I knew it was up by the celing and I wondered how it got up there. The little thing can climb on bricks!


It has been hunkered down sleeping all day. I hope it figures out how to get down tonight. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. audrey says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog (Quilty Folk) and leaving a lovely comment! I tried to find your email and respond that way, but you have it well hidden.:) Your blog is fascinating, so many different interests!

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