Burgundy Poppies


I finished a painting to sell in my art fair booth this year. It is mixed media with 6 different mediums used I included my signature red heart with splatters.


Molding paste tinted with acrylic paint. I love texture.


A crow cut out of vintage wallpaper with paper pieced wings and legs.


A drooping bud made with molding paste along with a stencil in various parts of the canvas.


Paper pieced poppy petals. Acrylic paint is in the middle.


The painting is on a 36 X 36 inch canvas.


A perfect Native American Proverb to go with the art. It is exactly how I feel….Always follow your heart. I am excited and optimistic about my maiden voyage into the Art Fair Scene. My first fair is March 12th and I have applied to 5 more so far. I have received my new tent though I have not opened the boxes yet. It has been cold out in the garage. I also received the two directors chairs that I ordered. Very happy with them because they are lightweight, durable and comfortable. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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