Book Review: Wild by Kristin Hannah

This is my fourth and last book for January. It was such a good book, I could not put it down and it caught my attention from the first page. So here goes the review and I hope you decide to read it too.

The players:

Julia Cates – A psychiatrist in Los Angeles

The Zuniga’s – parents of a child who took a gun to school, shot and killed 4 classmates, Julia Cates was the psychiatrist of the child.

Girl – lives in the Olympic National Forest in a cave with wolves.

Ellen Barton – the Police Chief in Rain Valley, Washington

Peanut, Cal and Earl – Both work for Ellen Barton

Dr. Max Cerrasin – Doctor in Rain Valley

The towns people of Rain Valley

Setting: Los Angeles, Rain Valley and the Olympic National Forest

The first page of the book has Julie Cates driving to courthouse in Los Angeles. She had been named a defendant in a lawsuit. One of her patients took a gun to school and killed four other young adults. It had been covered for a year by the reporters and today is when the judge will determine is Julia Cates should remain a defendant in the case.

The next chapter is in Rain Valley and a young girl has been found up in a tree in the park holding a wolf pup. No one knows where she came from, she doesn’t talk, just stares and will not come down. Ellen Barton, the police chief gets there and tries to decide what to do and how to get them down. She finally got some food, and that worked. The girl got down with the wolf pup and sniffed the air like litter mates and then dived into the food tearing at it and eating. The chief had a net and tossed it over the two and they went crazy trying to get out. Then someone shot a tranquilizer into the wolf and he went to sleep. Then the girl got tranquilized too so the two of them could be moved to safe areas.

Next chapter, Julia is trying to get her life back after the lawsuit but everyone has canceled their appointments with her. Ellen Barton is trying to figure out how to find the parents of this little girl. Eventually, trying to get the girl to communicate with them they decided to call Julia back to help them. She has not been to her home town for years. Ellen also lives in the house they grew up in and Julia has trepidation about all of this. But she has nothing better to do and she is very qualified to handle this kind of case.

There is alot of mystery in this book that really keeps you wondering. Who is the little girl, how did she get there, why are there scars on her ankles or a deep wound on her shoulder. How long has she lived in the forest with the wolves? Mostly, who are her parents and they should be wanting her back? The town has taken her under their wings. She is their child now. The book is also interesting with the many different twists and stories that come out with the main characters. It of course doesn’t turn out like you may consider like it should.

As like Kristin Hannah’s books you always need to keep a box of tissues nearby.

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