Book Review: Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris

Happy New Year! First Post of 2017, may we all do the best with what we have and that the world be a better place.

I will not sugarcoat this, the book was overwhelming to get through, only because Theodore Roosevelt did so much in the two terms that he served as President, it was a lot to absorb.
The book started out as TR riding down a slippery mountain with a driver, wagon and horse. He had been at a family vacation in the Adirondack mountains when he got word that President McKinley was gravely ill due to an assassination attempt. Congressmen had encouraged TR to accept the Vice Presidential position because they thought it would keep him quiet and out of their way. It ended up that being the Vice President is only a breath away from being the president.
Reading this book while the country was going through a Presidential election, especially when our two candidates were from New York as was Theodore Roosevelt was just interesting. Adding to it, we had visited New York City this last July. So I still had those pictures in my mind along with TR’s beloved Sagamore Hill.
Some of the accomplishments during his presidency were; building a Navy fleet, only second to Britain. started the Panama Canal, settled a coal strike, a peace treaty between Japan and Russia, National Conservation, 18 national monuments and five national parks, plus there is so much more.
He would answer each letter that was sent to him, He read sometimes two books per day. He had an amazing mind and was a very beloved president by the people, second to Abraham Lincoln. I did enjoy this book and learned a lot, just had to read it a little at a time.
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