Book Review: Me before You by Jojo Moyes

This book was recommended to me by my friend Theresa. We were walking through a bookstore and she pointed and said “this is the best book I have every read”! Of course that piqued my interest and of course I had to buy it. The main characters are a 27 year old women whose last job was in a small restaurant and a 35 year old man whose last job was a CEO of a large company. The restaurant had closed and she was looking for a new job. He had been in a horrible accident that left him in a wheel chair with no movement from the chest down. He was at the family home and his mother was looking for someone to stay with him during the day. This was an unlikely friendship that started out slowly. Mother said that she only needed her for six months but did not say why. This book deals with assisted suicide and how to convince someone that their life is worth living. I have to agree with Theresa, I could hardly put this book down and it left me blubbering at the end. I think I will go watch the movie now.

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