Book Review: Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult


This was not one of my favorite books written by Jodi Picoult. Many items didn’t sit well with me and I was not even happy with the ending. The book kept my interest very much and it wasn’t the writing at all, I believe it was the main character that I didn’t like. The story was uncomfortable and sad. The setting was a small town in New Hampshire and two families are intertwined with each other. The little girl, who was born with a disability that made her bones break easily. She was 6 at the time in the book. In this family is the father, who is a policeman, the mother and the older sister. The other family consisted of a mother who is an OBGYN doctor, a husband who is an orthodontist and their daughter who is friends with the older girl. The two women are best friends and the doctor is the one who delivered the little girl with the disability. There are also other stories going on with the lawyer, and the older daughter none of them happy. The mother of the little girl with the disability decided to bring a malpractice suit against the doctor (best friend) because she should have had options about whether to have the baby or end the pregnancy because they knew about the disability. She was doing this for the money to make sure that the little girl can be taken care of well for the rest of her life. This was breaking up her marriage, a great friendship, the daughters friendship and definitely affected the little girl with the disability. It bothered me that really what the catalyst of this was that the woman didn’t have the perfect child that you always hope for. So of course, I won’t tell you the ending, but it only left me frustrated.

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