Bloom Fest and Round the Fountain

I had two great art shows on back to back weekends. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of Kathy who purchased Hedgie.
Or Mary who purchased Heart Cat. Bloom Fest was a perfect day with some breeze, sun good customers. It was only the second year for the show but grew immensely. I met many new people who were interested in my art which I appreciate so much. Thank you!

Round the Fountain Art Fair in Lafayette also probed to be very nice. It was my first year and customers just seemed to look forward to this show. This is Adriana who purchased Fox Burrow. The show had been called due to some weather that never materialized and art fair customers were still coming through. I am so glad that they stepped into my booth.
Peggy also purchased Can We Talk and That Special Night. As you can see in the picture we had the tubs out to pack up. So glad that we took our time. It was a very good experience and I hope to do it again next year.

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