More Flower prints

This sweet 5 X 7 painting is Titled “Violet Grace”. I was approached by a friend asking if I would do a painting in memory of a baby that passed away. She was giving it to her friend who is the Grandmother. I was honored and excited to paint this. I decided on the baby roses, violets, one white butterfly and layered paper hearts for the leaves. I was very happy with the way it turned out.

When going through my digital paintings, I had forgotten about this one. I believe I painted it about four years ago, it is a little more primitive. An early painting with colors that work together a blue vase and a stenciled table. Both the paintings have been added to the store.

Art at the Riverside

Yesterday was Art at the Riverside in Leo. It was the best day weather wise that I had all year for a show. Cool and dry, it actually wanted to make people stay all day. It was great. I always love talking with people who stop in. This is Lee, he and his wife are animal lovers and they are always looking for the out of the ordinary cat and dog paintings. They purchased the “Unconditional Love.”

This is Sandy holding the newly finished Graffiti Cat. She thought it was a fun picture. Thank you two. for giving them a good home!

Two More Prints added

I enjoy revisiting the earlier paintings when adding them to my store. The title for this one is “Three by NIght”. Three Feline Friends out doing what they like to do; sitting on a high brick wall, sleeping, eating and looking at the moon on a newspaper. This 4.5 X 6.25 print can be purchased in my store for $22.00 or a note card for $5.00.

The title of this watercolor painting in “Party Cats.” They have had a great time with paw prints on the wall, confetti on the floor, party hats and a deflated balloon on a crooked chandelier. This 4.5 X 8.5 print can be purchased in my store for $25.00 or a note card for $5.00. Click here to purchase.

Artsy news

This weekend, September 22 is Art at the Riverside in Leo Indiana. I grabbed this picture off the website and it must have been taken by a drone. It is a great show, you can see the parking then cross Schwartz road, the food trucks and live music then the artists. My tent is the very last one one the point at the bottom. Booth #16 I am looking forward to Saturday….I have seen two temps. 67 degrees or 74 degrees and sunny!!! Come out, see us, buy some one of a kind art. Riverside Gardens, Leo Indiana, 14701 Schwartz Road. 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

I will be bringing this painting out this Saturday. I have been saving it but decided to make it available. “Evening on the Porch.

Vincolet Art and Wine Festival, Sept. 8 and 9, 2018. This was my view on friday, Sept. 7 while putting up the tent. Just a beautiful place. I was so looking forward to this show. Only 60 artists but a great following, and I understand customers make a point to come to this show.

Hurricane Gordon decided to dump his rain on the Cincinnati area. We had a few brave souls walking around but the rain just was coming down very steadily. They closed the show at 5pm and I went to get the car and it was stuck in the field.

I had to disengage the traction control and it took 5 men to push it out, the ground was that saturated. Last year, I was doing St. James Court in Louisville and another hurricane decided to stay over the show on Sunday flooding our booths, what were the chances? Oh the life of an art fair artist. My helper Margaret and I were happy to report that no art or prints were damage, that is a success story.

These grapes were very aromatic.

Right now I have a gallery show and sale at the Juxtapose shop in Elkhart. It will be up through the first week of October. It opened on the 13th of September and I was delighted to be there. It was for the monthly Elkhart Art Walk. This is my art in the front window.

The others hanging in the shop. All the originals, prints and cards are for sale.The address for Juxtapose is 208 South Main Street, Elkhart, IN. Very cute shop!

I am an animal lover. This painting…Unconditional Love…..was created as the partner for Cat Love. This is a limited edition print up to 2000 and for every 10.5 X 10.5 print sold I give Animal Care and Control $5.00. The print can be found in my shop. During the Three Rivers Art in the Park I had a person stop in my tent who is from the Black Pine Animal Sanctuary. She had mentioned that they have many items that can be used from the animal, like snake skins and bear fur which caught my interest and could be used for a mixed media painting.. She mentioned that they are also having a fundraiser called Lions and Tigers and Beer in October. I will be picking up the wild animal ephemera and dropping off a print for their auction.

Cat Love-the partner to Unconditional Love. Click here to purchase.


The idea using the bear fur and snake skin came from this painting….That’s Life….This is an actual abandoned birds nest from my bushes. It had been abandoned and it just needed to be added into a painting. I will let you know what I come up with. Click here to purchase.

I have added a Holiday Show, Le Chic Holiday Market for Nov./December. It will be at the Coliseum on Nov. 30/December 1.


My Shows through the end of the year.

Art at the Riverside Sept. 22

Renaissance at Roanoke Oct. 13

Wunderkammer November 1

Le Chic Holiday Market Nov. 30/December 1

Wunderkammer December 13.

Find your Creative Joy Workshops October 21 and 26

Find your Creative Joy Workshops

The two paintings above are the examples we are going to work with in the classes.  I want to share the joy of creating with Mixed Media.  It is great fun.  Get a group together and have a creative night out. Just $75.00 for a four hour workshop. Join me at the Decatur IN, Pennsy Depot.  October 21 or 26.  Click here save your spot for Sunday. Click here to save your spot for Friday.

More prints added to my shop

Still transferring my pictures from Etsy to my new shop on my website. The Easy Cart has been such a great find. The versatility and control I have with it is fantastic. This painting is called For You….Words that you should tell yourself daily. It would be great for a teenagers room or someone who is having a tough time. Something to just tell them you are thinking of them.

This was a commissioned piece from a friend. They wanted a hummingbird, sunflower and poppy. The words added, I fly joyfully made me think of hummingbirds.

The inspiration for this painting was from a walk in the neighborhood. All the birds that I saw on my walk, they all needed some crowns. Title: Happy Birds These paintings all can be purchased in my store.

Workshop Paintings-Here’s what we are doing

This colorful floral painting will be the example for the Sunday October 21st Workshop. The mediums that are going to be used are: wallpaper, gel medium, acrylic paint, acrylic ink, bronze leaf and adhesive. It will be on a 6 X 6 gallery wrapped canvas with 1 1/2 inch sides to paint on too. I have had many inquiries about it so grab your place. All supplies are provided, just bring your imagination. Click here to sign up.

This 5 X 7 canvas is the example for the Friday October 21st workshop. Acrylic paint, wallpaper, acrylic ink, gel medium, oil paint sticks are the mediums that will be used for this little painting. These two paintings are a perfect first step. Mixed media is fun and forgiving. If you don’t like an area on the painting you just paint over it. These paintings are perfect sizes for a four hour workshop. If you are looking for something creative to do with friends sign up. It is a laid back, stress free atmosphere. Use a different part of your brain especially if you work in business, truck driving, computers, surgery, etc. Click here to sign up…..I would love to meet you. Let’s have some fun!

New Paintings uploaded to my shop

– Baby Barr- A little mixed media juvenile barred owl sitting in the night sky. It was made with wallpaper, gel medium and acrylic paint. The original is a 5 X 5 gallery wrapped canvas but the print will be 7.5 X 7.5 and it will fit in an 8 X 8 ready made matte. A note card is also available for purchase and it will have small stamped images on the envelope and inside of card from my personal hand carved stamps. The print is $25.00 and the card is $5.00 and can be purchased through my shop. This would be a perfect addition for a baby/childs room or anyone who loves owls.

-Save Us- A mixed media piece that has 12 flowers that bees are attracted to. Each flower then has a bee that is on or near it. Bees are very important and we need to help them thrive. The flowers are from left to right. Liatris, black-eyed susan, sunflower, goldenrod, thistle, cat mint, butterfly bush, coneflower, , sedum, coral bells, bee balm, crocus. I also added two butterfly’s, a swallowtail and an African monarch.

-Hedgie- A sweetfaced round hedgehog. This painting also would look good in a baby/childs room. Will be printed at 7.5 X 7.5.

-Equality- Multicolored hearts on a green background. Nothing says “I love you” like 16 hearts. Perfect for a significant other!

-O Happy Day- This mixed media painting has so much texture, mediums and color, you can’t help but smile. Gold leaf, molding paste, acrylic ink and acrylic paint are what was used to creat this painting. The berries were made with my fingertips and then a round circle of acrylic paint was stamped on them. The size is 6.5 X 12.5 and a matte would have to be cut for you. It would definitely fit a ready made frame. Again all the paintings have been uploaded to my shop, found here. Four or more items, shipping is only $10.00, so go crazy!

Featured Artist

I am so excited to be asked to be the Featured Artist in the shop Juxtapose in Elkhart, IN.  This is part of a monthly event called Artwalk.  Artwalk is on Wednesday September 12 and I will be in attendance along with my art that night.  My art will then be up in Juxtapose for the month of September to look at and for purchase along with prints and cards.  The following are all the links for the information:




Thank you Pamela Osborne for this exciting opportunity!

Two book reviews

The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond…Published in 2017 My book buddy, Colleen, sent this one to me. It was her favorite from last year.

This couple gets married, they are in their 30’s and into their careers. He is a therapist or counselor and she is an attorney. Through a case that she is taking care of she has met this man and he finds out that they are getting married. Off handedly she invites him and his wife and he accepts because he just Loves weddings.
As a gift from these people a beautiful wooden box is sent to them. It is locked and on the outside is an engraved plaque with their names and the words “The Pact.” Instructions are not to open it until a certain person is with them. They get back from their honeymoon, and of course their curiosity gets to them and they try to open the box but can’t.
They set up an appointment with the person they are to meet with and one of the questions that is asked “Do you want your marriage to last forever?” So they sign the papers and get into this group that seems to know their every move. There are penalties if they do not follow the many rules of the book. The whole object is to keep the marriages together and it was founded by a woman who lives on an island off of Northern Ireland.
The group keeps growing, A couple has to be vetted to receive an offer to be accepted into the group. It has a lot of cash and connected people in it. For example they own prisons where they take a person, from a marriage, that is not following the rules and help them see the light. Some of the rules are, you have to plan a vacation twice a year, you have to buy a gift for no certain occasion once a month, you have to come home early enough to contribute time to the marriage. All good things on the surface but there are people watching if a person in the couple is not following it. They are reported to the council and given a phone call or paid a visit or kidnapped and taken to prison.
As time went on, and all the “incidents” kept snowballing, they decided they wanted out. More bazaar incidents happened and you don’t know until the very end if they made it or not.
I enjoyed the book but I am sure that I had a perplexed look on my face throughout the whole reading of it. “Why did you sign on! How could you not see it was weird!” It was a good book, and had good points to use in a marriage. Just the way they went about was bazaar!

Count The Wings, the life and art of Charley Harper by Michelle Houts Published 2018

Artist Charley Harper is a huge inspiration for me. His minimal realism style and humor I am very drawn to. His use of nature and the bright colors are wonderful. This is a very easy read because it was written for young readers ages 8 to 13. It is his biography taking us from birth on a West Virginia farm, his art, World War II, going to art school, finding his own style and his later years. I loved the more inside look at Charley Harper.


New Print up in Shop

This Fine Art Print “No Goldfish Allowed”  is now available in my new shop along with a few others that I have gotten set up. The 6.5 X 12.5 print is available along with notecards. This link will take you straight to the shop. Also please consider signing up for the mixed media workshop in October.  The dates are Sunday the 21st and Friday the 26th. I am super excited about working on art with you. Keep checking back as I will be adding more all the time.