Beautiful Season


Yesterday morning, December 11, 2015…gorgeous! This morning, December 12th, was a little warmer and cloudier but this is so unusual for Indiana. The people in the know tell us that the polar vortex is strong and is keeping the cold air up in Canada and Siberia for the time being. I wonder if this is what Florida is like at Christmas?


If you have been a reader you know that we lost 3 of our furry family members this year. Here are two of their boxes with their ashes.


We put the third on under the tree. Smoke absolutely loved Christmas and sleeping under the tree.


The three paw prints they make for you and we put string on and hung them as ornaments.


Put out the nativity on the table, the sleigh is our Christmas card holder. My brother in law Dave made that and it’s purpose was to hold a small poinsettia but I like it for the cards. I don’t want any of the cats to chew the poinsettia plant. Since I don’t have a manger I am creative as to where I am hanging the angle. Here she is on the lamp.


Then she is lit up at night.


Another little picture I rediscovered. Love this little primitive picture with the embroidery and applique.It’s a treat to look at. I hope you are enjoying the season. Thanks for stopping.

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