Beautiful Mandalas and Color

Earlier in the week a cold front was moving in and the clouds in the sky were low and blue. We were due and it is almost October. I always look forward to a change of seasons and the cooler weather. I knew that frost would be showing up soon during the night and decided to take advantage of the changing colors of leaves and enjoy the flowers that are still blooming.
I strolled around the yard getting colors and textures to make madalas. Here is the official definition from Merriam Webster: Definition of mandala

1: a Hindu or Buddhist graphic symbol of the universe specifically a circle enclosing a square with a deity on each side that is used chiefly as an aid to meditation
2: a graphic and often symbolic pattern usually in the form of a circle divided into four separate sections or bearing a multiple projection of an image

The Following are the four that I came up with. I used almost all of the cuttings.

I have these little blocks of color around our house. We are going to be painting and I have gotten samples of colors to see what they will look like. Some make the team some don’t, these are still on the bubble. You can ask for small jars of paints, I picked mine up at Lowe’s for $4.00 each.
The color on the right is a sage green, it did not show as well on this picture but they will be on rooms are beside each other. I do like it and the rooms have many large windows.
This sage plant looked like the same color as this little Pewabic Pottery vase but once I got it out in the sunlight the sage is more purple. I was delighted to be reintroduced to the vase…it does help to dust a little deeper sometimes.

Tom and I are taking a couple of days away this weekend. We are just going to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and I am hoping to get some good pictures. My camera batteries are all charged. We are celebrating 40 years of marriage October 4th. In leu of the pandemic we thought with being careful we could get two hours away for two days. Our masks are all washed up too and ready to go.

Stay safe and healthy.

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