Battery Park


Battery Park is on the very bottom tip of Manhattan. We got off the subway and as we emerged from the station we were met with tourist guides helping people find their way around to buy tickets on the Staten Island Ferry or the Ferry to go out to the Statue of Liberty. We didn’t want to ride any of them I just wanted to go to the waterfront and see Lady Liberty and look out at the picture that I had always seen. It was a sunny, calm day on the waterfront and it was just beautiful. Here she is in all her glory and I loved just seeing it and watching all that was going on in the Harbor. Here is a Wikipedia about Battery Park, it gives the history of it. I had read The Glorious Cause by Jeff Sharra and it talks a lot about The Battery and New York Harbor in The Revolutionary War and I loved being there.


A picture of Ellis Island where the immigrants were checked in. The Ellis Island that we learned about in school. Such history right in front of me.


A look at the harbor, sailboats on the water along with tugboats and ferry’s.


Staten Island Ferry a very noticeable orange color.


Ferry coming back from the Statue of Liberty.


Our friends, Dave and Nancy and Tom waiting patiently for me to get finished taking pictures.


The World Trade Center is only four blocks at the most from here. I was standing in the park and took this picture of Freedom Tower to show how close the area was. Imagine being in the park on 9/11 and looking up to see the Towers on fire and falling. A horrifying scene in person. It was bad enough on television.


A picture of a park in New York would not be finished if I failed to give you pictures of the homeless napping on the park benches.


World War II memorial.


Splash Pad


 This was in the courtyard of the World Trade Center.


These next pictures are of sculptures that were in the park, we passed them before we started walking to the ground zero site.


We came away with a much nicer view of New York than we went in. Our hotel was in Long Island city in a neighborhood. We ventured out to walk to the train and ate breakfast in deli’s looking out on the street just watching everyone walking. You don’t make eye contact but they will certainly help you if you ask. It was a great experience and we loved it! Next chapter…..The sites of New York City.

DSC_0348 DSC_0349

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