I want to talk a little bit about the banner I made for my art fair booth. This was so easy! It just a 10 X 10 inch square of fabric, fold it and sew up one side, turn it right side out while gently poking out the bottom point. It then gets pressed and sewn onto the rope or tape, whatever you choose. I had this video link on here recently but it doesn’t hurt to share it again. It is from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. It was screemin fun, as you will find out when watching the video.


Here it is attached to the front of the booth. I am curious what you think, does it add to the booth or does it take away from the showcase of the paintings? I have heard both points and I am just not sure. Leave a message for me if you have any feelings about it.


A 5 X 5 stretched canvas painting I finished recently. A Little Poppy. A print can be purchased in my Etsy shop. 


The depth is 1.5 inches so I like to add a little fun to it. This was done on all 4 sides. The background is a deep navy blue.


Pavel, sitting very close while I am working at the table. I liked the way he was sitting so perfect. He was so close that my picture turned out blurry.


The booth next to ours had two gals in it. The artist was Kerri Bash and her company is called magpie dreams. I am sorry that I didn’t get a picture of them but their clothes were cute and funky. Multicolored leggings, black pantaloons made from tulle. lace up boots, denim skirts. They were very sweet to talk with and very informative also. This is one of her paintings that she put on a notecard. It is called SlugKitties digesting. Cats and books, two of my favorite things.


Another that I picked up was “Raven likes Ice Cream”. Raven was one of the girls cats who had lots of personality. So much so there are drawings of her. I do hope that we are showing at another show at the same time. I was very lucky to get beside them. Till the next time….thanks for stopping.


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