Art Show this weekend


This next Saturday, September 24th I will be showing at Art at the Riverside in Leo Indiana. The week leading up to an art show is just getting everything done that I can and making sure that everything is properly labeled. It is hard to sell if I don’t have a price tag on it. I am very excited about doing this show, all the feedback that I get says that it is really nice. Looking at the artists that will be showing looks like a really interesting group.


I am happy to say that I have almost given out my first group of 500 business cards and ordered a new set. It took me a year and a half and I was pleased to come to the bottom of the box.


I also ordered a certificate of authenticity to put in with all my prints. This says that they are all from my own original paintings and are archival which means that they won’t fade.


Here is my most recent work “We are the Same” and I got is scanned and entered into my Etsy shop. I always have ideas of what else I would like to get made but never make it because they really are too high to achive. I hope you come out to Leo at Art by the Riverside and support all of the artists. You will have a fun time, as of right now it looks sunny and 81 that day.


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