Art Date

I had my first Art Date with Noelle. She loves art, and was very knowledgeable about it. We had a fun time! I so enjoyed listening to her.
Our project was to personalize the front of the mixed media sketch book and to learn to blend the basic colors to make a color wheel.
For the color wheel she went through magazines and cut out pictures that she liked and then they were glued onto illustrator board and varnished.
Here Noelle is painting the front of her sketch book. and in the forefront was just a practice sheet of paper.
I pulled out markers and other writing utensils and it was so interesting to see what she came up with. She has a very light filled soul.
Here she is drying her blended colors for the color wheel. We used watercolor paper for the strength and stability for the project.
Here is the artist and her finished projects. Noelle and I will be having an art date once a month and I look forward to seeing what she comes up with in her new sketchbook.

If you would like to do an Art Date with me, click on this link for the information.

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