around the little town


I took a 40 minute walk to and from the dentist this morning with my camera to catch a few pictures of the little town I live in. This airplane is at the entrance to the community park. I know nothing about it but think it is pretty neat.


Across from the airplane is the fire-station. The flags were flying proudly today with a gusty wind.


The colors in this flower box are beautiful! The downtown area is tiny with a bank, pizza place, an insurance company, a hair salon and a flower shop.


Pretty landscaping one of the side streets.


A white puffy peony.


I thought this fairy tree mushroom house was funny. See the elf head?


This house is neat. I had never noticed the stone fireplace, just the stone porch. It has a foundation made from stone also.


Then back a my house I am showing the teal and aqua arraignment that I put together. I am changing some of my colors in my house to that scheme. That little round vase I just picked up at a recent gift shop. Put my little bleeding heart stem in it, too cute. I haven’t put anything in my teal frame yet, I like the paper that came with it. Hope you went on a nice walk and as always….Thanks for stopping!

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