Animal Faces

I love animals and creating them in mixed media is great fun for me. For this post I am going to show a few that I have done. First off this is our cat Lily. She is a funny gal who drags socks and gloves around while meowing. This is the look that is given when it is treat time at 9 pm. It can be felt across the room and my husband Tom says that she would be a great interrogator with that face.
My animal pictures are not exact replicas, they are in my style. This painting is called “Lovely Lily’s Flower Crown”. This is done in Shiva paint sticks and acrylic paint.
This is my friends dog named Rocky. She takes him to nursing homes and schools. She doesn’t use social media so she won’t see this but I am going to surprise her with this soon.
A little 6 X 6 picture done in wallpaper and acrylic paint.
This is “Houndog” and I was going to do a workshop with kids and thought making the head and body with large wallpaper pieces would work well. The rest are done with acrylic paint. It was on a 5 X 7 flat canvas panel and a fork was used to make the design on the background.
This is our dog Gretchen who we acquired in 1987. She was part German Shepherd and part big black dog. She passed away when she was 12.
I made this for my husband, where it had wallpaper, Shiva paint sticks and acrylic paint. She loved being outside, taking walks, playing ball, begrudged when we were eating pizza and one time had her whole head in a bowl eating cookies.
Many times I go on the Animal Care site and save pictures of different animals. I wanted a black and white cat for a colorful picture.
This painting is titled “Bob’s Hideout” and this phase shows it is not totally completed yet. There should be something above Bob.
Here is our cat Pavel and I used his face and body for the next painting.
It is titled “Cat Love” and I used many different patterns of wallpaper because cats come in all different colors. He is sleeping in the grass and has things around him that cats enjoy like watching birds and butterflies, and playing with feathers. I made that painting thinking about all the different cats I have had in my life.
This is Rolf and his picture came from Animal Care. He is such a happy fellow but he chewed up his bed and he like to chew boots too. He likes to play ball and have sticks thrown for fetch. Many times he also had muddy paws.
Meet Frida, she did not turn out like her picture, this is what Frida wanted her painting to look like. People ask me if Frida is a dog or a skunk, and I said it is what you want her to be. A wonderful woman watched Frida all year and by the end she decided to give her a good warm home with lots of love.
This is Mackie and she was a dog of Tom’s Ohio cousins. I loved this picture of the nose closeup. I used her picture for a few things, a postcard entry for the Artlink show in Fort Wayne.
Here I was practicing drawing in my sketchbook.
Here I made a painting titled “Unconditional Love”. For every print that I sell I donate to Animal Care and control.

This is another dog from Animal Care. My friend Karen wanted a painting done with a white dog and mostly sunflowers but with other flowers too.
I loved the way it turned out and it is call “Puppy Love”. The size is 36 X 48.
I used my niece’s pets a few times. This is their French Bulldog whose name is Watson. I loved his bow tie and ears.
He is in a painting titled “Among Friends” that contains many different elements and is very fun and colorful.
Here he is with their cat Willie which it looks like they are quite good friends.
I think Willie has great facial features.
His painting is titled “Graffiti Cat” which found a home with this lovely woman.
Willie’s two brothers and mother live with us.
My friend Michelle’s family dog Kula made a painting. I had a picture with the close up of the nose and I decided to add a baseball hat that says Adopt. With the size of the nose, I titled it “Snoop Doggy”. She bought it for her son, Elijah, for his birthday since Kula is his very good friend.

All these paintings are available in my online store, click here.

or if you would like a painting of your own with your animal, please use the form below.

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