All is well, making decisions

This morning was the first sunrise that I have photographed. So, so uplifting.
This weekend Tom and Kevin took a quick trip to Detroit to Little Cesars Area to choose seats. Tom is getting a small season package for the Red Wings next year. He chose some good seats for us and I am looking forward to it. There were all kinds of things to do and they also got to tour the Redwings Clubhouse. I wondered if is smelled like a clubhouse of sweaty players and Tom said it smelled good.
I thought this was a good one. He claims he is a Blackhawks fan. Ha!
This is the time of the year where my little iris bloom. They are doubling now and are so sweet. I have a perfect small canvas that I will paint these.
These have faded some, last year they were that dark purple all over, but still so pretty.
I have been doing research on my back problem and educating myself better. Since my knee replacement my legs keep swelling, not horribly but need to keep it under control. Our doctor prescribed a diuretic to help take care of this problem. There was something in it that my body did not like, a days worth of terrible GI problems. Kicked my butt. This was the second try and my body didn’t like the different med either, rash and itching that time. I have had an echocardiagram and a EKG and all is well there, so it is not a circulation problem. I am just going to have to wear compression socks daily. I am wearing them approx. four hours per day and it has made a big difference. I have ankles again. Here are my fashionable socks that look like I’m golfing. I am going to get more and after the hip replacement they have told me to bring tight work out pants to wear because they will help with the swelling. I am also picking out my walker. I just borrowed a walker with my earlier surgery but I will need it for two surgeries now so I am doing a purchase. Do I get double wheels or singles? How heavy duty should it be? (I won’t be riding on it for gosh sakes.) Do I pay for the easy releases to fold it up quickly? Such decisions. Where I am looking they are not coming in colors, just steel color. I think pink with flowers would be nice. I would paint it but I don’t want it to chip off and look tacky.

This will take you to an explanation of my back problem and a little video. You get an extra point if you can say the word. I stumble over it but the explanation is spot on. I can see why I cannot stand up straight. I have faith it will get better.

I can’t sleep on my back or my right side, just the side with the bad hip. It doesn’t hurt, unless I turn over. The suppressed nerve makes me yell out loud in pain. I will probably have to sleep on the couch, sitting up for a few days or maybe weeks after the hip surgery. I am not supposed to bend my hip any more than 90 degrees.

My hip probably happened because I had been compensating how I walk with the bad knees. The back has been coming on for a while, but I just thought a cortisone shot once in a while would take care of it. It took an MRI and an X-Ray to discover it all.

I will be having the hip replacement on June 8th, and I will be coming home that same day if all goes as planned.

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