After the art show (2)


Wyoming Ohio is a suburb of Cincinnati. It is made up of many large old homes that have been well taken care of. This beautiful lady I was so lucky to have my booth space right in front of.


I loved the wreath on her door and there are wonderful foxglove growing in the landscaping. It was all so well kept and breathtaking and it was like this all through the town.


The art fair was held on just one street and all the vendors were on both sides. There were many, many wonderful things to see and to learn. The veteran artists were very helpful to the newbies and I have added a step stool to my list of items to take. along with tie wraps and clips little things like that. Here I had popped out of my booth to snap a photo to show you what it is like. When I took a walk I was impressed with the different and neat art that was invited to the show.


Here is my booth along with my helper, our cousin Margaret. She was so kind with her hospitality and directions around the area. My booth building process went better than the last time but I still need more practice till I get it down pat. Next year I hope to come back to Wyoming.  They had everything organized really well, sent the information in a timely manner.  They made arrangements to have lunch delivered to the artists and sent a boxed dinner home with us. I also learned about submitting artwork for competition and also that they judge your overall booth.  There is money that can be earned.  Once I get the art of building my tent in a timely manner things will go much, much smoother. 


I love the Trimline Flourish Company Tent. It was a breezy, cooler day and we eventually shut the back door to keep the breeze out. The new weights worked well and the tent did not even budge. We had 4- 40 pound weights totaling 160 pounds. It was not a prosperous show, but what I am learning and networking with people and customers is helping me so much to make my little gallery a success. By participating in many different shows possibly people will become collectors of my uplifting art. I have customers ask for my card so I look forward to it on my horizon. Thank you for stopping in today.


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