A Perfect Day


Yesterday was just one of the perfect kinds of days where there isn’t too much wind, no rain, the day is warmer than you thought it would be and it lasted the whole day! I decided to go out and conquer the nasty, rotten weeds that had taken over. Here you see the start of it. It doesn’t look like much, but it took a lot of muscle.


So much better. What a good feeling it is to go out the front door and not see those weeds.


This forsythia was transplanted last year. I am thrilled to see blooms on it.


Just loverly!


It’s always a good day when the wicker furniture gets put on to the front porch also, they have been missed.


Tom also gave this plant rack a coat of black paint. It looks 1000 times better, and that’s no exaggeration! Now I have to decide what herbs I would like to grow this year. I hope you had one of those kind of days also. Thanks for stopping.


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