A New Piece of Art


It has been a busy couple of weeks here at my home. Along with having Christmas a few days ago I started a part time job also, so we all have been getting into that routine. I hope everyone had a really nice Christmas, we certainly did. We spent Christmas Eve with my family. Lots of good food, a few games with White elephant gifts and then exchanging gifts. It was an unusually warm Christmas day that we spent time in the hot tub and grilled out on a new little grill for tailgaiting. Not your normal Christmas but really nice and relaxing. Now getting to my picture. I went with my sister to a place called The Art Farm where they were having a pop up show for the month of December. I was taken by this picture made with paper and sewing. I thought it would look fabulous in my bedroom with the cardinal. It was created b y an artist called Hannah Burnworth and here is her website.


A closer look with all the paper elements.


Closer yet and I have it on my wall and it looks as good as I envisioned it. I have gotten three different calendars for christmas and have been planning my hart fairs for 2016. My first should be in Elkhart in March. I will be ordering a new tent and also have a new vehicle coming to be able to pack and not have a hard time at all. The color of my new van is race red. Till next time and as always…thanks for stopping.

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