A little merry


I have been enjoying the slow process of decorating for Christmas this year. I try not to put so much out that it is an overwhelming burden to put it back away. I have amassed quite a bit of decorations in 35 years of marriage. I am being choosy about what I put out and it changes every year, which I love….variety. I have angels on the fireplace this year. I realized that I have quite a few different ones and they are the showcase this year. I will show them off on another day with stories.


My handmade cards, here and there are some spots that maybe didn’t stamp exactly right. Or the flame is a little crooked but I am giving up on perfectionism. It’s made by a human and that’s far from perfect. It shows that I took the time to make these and they have a good meaning behind them. I love to receive handmade. A lot of love goes into it.


I have also rediscovered a few decorations I had forgotten about. My niece Wendy had gifted the little Merry plate a few years ago. What a dee-light to find it again. (I have been watching the Roosevelt’s and FDR said that often, I thought it was charming). I also uncovered the little crosstitched snowman picture, the box that is an ice cube snowman and a handpainted candle holder….all fun. I hope that you have been having a Dee-Lightful time decorating and it hasn’t been a burden. Take a deep breath and enjoy. Till next time…thanks for stopping!

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