A little bit of spring


My magnolia is blooming beautifully. Each bloom throughout spring is so fleeting. The bush had big fat buds last week and this week with a little warm weather the blooms are out. I was worried we had nickle size hail on sunday night and was hoping that it wouldn’t knock all the buds off.


Showing you the big fat buds again.


I have this wreath hanging on an outside door and noticed there were two birds flying to and from it. I think it must remind them of a tree because they are building a nest in it.


Here it is, they have a good start on it. The birds are finches. I always feel blessed when a bird or a bunny chooses my house or yard to have their babies in.


Here is my little sweet Sophie watching me. That’s it for now. As you can tell I love springtime. I hope you have some pretty plants growing where you live.


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