A book, FWMA and around Fort Wayne, New Sewing Machine

Last week my husband was on vacation so we decided to explore our own city. We ate in restaurants that had outdoor seating and went to places that we had not been to. Masks and sanitizer in hand I share it with you.

We decided to take a look at the newly developed Promenade Park and sat in the swings looking at the riverfront. These kayakers came along and lined up and took off to race each other.
They were paddling like crazy with smiles on their faces.
The splash pad is always a favorite place and it was a warm day, then there is a shallow river area that has running water coming up to the splash pad. You can see a girl sitting in it.
Also this week I have signed up to do this 5 day challenge which should be fun and I will be showing my daily creation on Facebook.
We visited the Fort Wayne Museum of Art and they had some Chihuly pieces.
Blue and Orange are some of my favorite combos.
I loved this little glass lady holding her cat on her lap.
My husband was fascinated by the repurposed pieces made into a sculpture of a tank church.
A wall mural of a tiger reading a book with a cave and water.
There was a large photographic exhibit of Armenia. I loved this picture of all these children.
My sewing machine gave out last week so on our rounds we stopped at Joann Fabrics and I picked up a new one. They had the sewing machine area chained off so only one person and the saleswoman could be in the area for social distancing.
These masks were made with the old machine, that I had to keep fighting with. Since the new I have made four more and they are so much smoother. So far so good.
As we were sitting on the swings at the park we took pictures of each other. I had taken a mask break.
Tom still had his on. My friend Kathy from Michigan has purchased some Detroit Tigers fabric for me. Those masks are on the list to be made.
We had our dining chairs recovered recently and I love how they turned out. Originally I was going to do it myself and picked up foam and fabric. That was five years ago…..I decided to have someone more knowledgeable do it.
I am not a person who matches everything and I chose this fabric to accentuate the rug under the table. The people I had do the job is Phenicie Restorations in Huntertown, IN. They also fixed the arm on this chair which we are so so happy for.
We then walked around downtown Fort Wayne around Parkview Field and found this great statue of Johnny Appleseed. He is buried here in Fort Wayne.
This is the book I am reading right now. Stories of women ages 40 and up who have second careers. It is interesting. Isn’t the cover illustration great?
One of the days we ate lunch at the Friendly Fox…outside of course. I noticed that this Italian Market was just a few doors down, and checked it out.
Also this little library was outside the Italian Market. I love little libraries! I have many books and don’t use one but I the looks are so sweet!
This artisan pasta is so pretty.
Lasagna Noodles!
The colors of the drinks!
We like to explore cemeteries and went to a large one….Lindenwood. It is sooo big and thought this memorial plaque was nice.
These people loved their dog! Very heartwarming.
This is a beautiful headstone!
On Thursday evening we made our way to Lagrange County where my husbands family lives on a lake. We took a pontoon ride and the went to a restaurant on the lake. It was a beautiful night and we sat on the outside deck overlooking the channel.

The turtles and carp and catfish were right outside the deck waiting for food to be thrown over the side for them. It was like Sea World!
This is what it looks like when a french fry gets thrown to them. I don’t know if the turtles get any bites because the fish over power them.
In the Flow magazine there is an article titled “Happy to be Here”. It said: We’re constantly hearing how happiness comes from within. But it’s also true that your environment can bring you joy. This article explores how our surroundings impact our happiness. Into it a few pages is a boxed excerpt that is titled “JOYSPOTTING”. It goes on to say that you should notice what makes you happy, what makes your heart beat faster or what inspires you. Take photos and note them in a joy journal.

This was my joyspot picture for the week. Seeing those turtles looking up expectantly for a piece of food just struck me funny. Usually turtles swim around quietly going about their business asking for nothing or just sunning themselves on a rock. I have never seen them asking unabashedly for something.

I hope you have a joyspot moment this week.

Stay safe and healthy.

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