A couple of weekends ago we took our niece Fiona to an NHL game. Her first, though she has an amazing ability to quote stats on all the players. As you can tell by this picture she is a huge Boston Bruins fan. She was working on her sign to hold up while the team was warming up on the ice.
She waited patiently and I am happy to say that her favorite player read her sign and popped a puck over the glass to her. She was just overwhelmingly happy.
Really good picture as we were scouting out where she needed to go to be in a key spot rink side. Even though the Bruins didn’t win, which is surprising because they are the best team in the league and the Red Wings are the worst Fiona told me that she had a great time, and so did we.
Recently I gave a couple of art lessons. We worked on learning to draw with pencils. Making items look realistic with shading and realizing that drawing is really a bunch of basic shapes. 12 different pencils from hard to soft were used along with two different erasures. Drawing takes a lot of concentration and just really looking at the subject. Noelle did such a good job and she is an attentive student.
We also found a horse to work on drawing the head. Noelle takes riding lessons.
Lela was my next avid student and here she is drawing her favorite animal, a sloth. I drew along with her and it was my first sloth. Lela told me that she loved doing this and could go home a draw all night.
She also personalized her new sketch book.
Our smiling sloth picture.
I am working on a painting that I am nearing completion. I am adding birds, can you tell what they are?
I will get it posted soon.

*Knee Update*
Each week it is getting better, more range of motion. I go back to the Ortho doctor tomorrow to see what he thinks. I would like a few more sessions of PT. The gals who are helping me are fantastic. I go to Choice Rehabilitation in Decatur and they work their magic. When I started on December 26th I would have never imagined that I would be as far as I am, thankful to be flat on my feet. I am working on steps, up and down and building the strength in them. I take a walk each day that I can and I am able to go farther each time.

Till our next time, I am having a hard time staying awake. If you find a mistake please overlook it.

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