In the Pines


This is just the bare bones start of a new painting. My paintings are usually based somehow on moments in my life that leave deep feelings and memories. We had to make the trek up to Minnesota to take our son to camp in 2011. We crossed into Duluth which by the way is fabulous with the shipyards and Lake Superior. We drove into the woods and I had never seen so many pine trees! It was awe inspiring.


Unfortunately I had a computer crash and lost most of the pictures from that trip. I did come across this one of Burntside Lake. We rented a really cute cabin at Burntside Lodge. This was out our window. We could hear loons and wolves howling. It was very neat and memorable. So the painting is based on my memories of Minnesota. I have many ideas to go.


Here is an early watercolor of mine that I painted of one of the cabins in the woods by the lake. Till next time……have a beautiful weekend!

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