Fun stuff (things I Love)

I have a pink bat and I love it! My husband ordered this for me for Mother’s Day.
We are baseball fans and it is perfect. I had never thought of having one of these and was so suprised! This was so fun.
Needed to start replenishing paints and made a trip to Target. I love their colors!
I picked this heart up from a local potter – Kristi Jo Beber. I love the geometrical black and white. It is right beside my front door.
My niece Wendy gave me this cardboard lady that I just love, especially her library card dress.
Lastly my new rain gauge that I just love! My husband replaced it when another I had became accidentally damaged. He made a good choice. It is in the flower garden outside of my studio window. I have many hummingbirds visit.

It’s fun to share.
Have a great day.

Bloom Fest and Round the Fountain

I had two great art shows on back to back weekends. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of Kathy who purchased Hedgie.
Or Mary who purchased Heart Cat. Bloom Fest was a perfect day with some breeze, sun good customers. It was only the second year for the show but grew immensely. I met many new people who were interested in my art which I appreciate so much. Thank you!

Round the Fountain Art Fair in Lafayette also probed to be very nice. It was my first year and customers just seemed to look forward to this show. This is Adriana who purchased Fox Burrow. The show had been called due to some weather that never materialized and art fair customers were still coming through. I am so glad that they stepped into my booth.
Peggy also purchased Can We Talk and That Special Night. As you can see in the picture we had the tubs out to pack up. So glad that we took our time. It was a very good experience and I hope to do it again next year.

Mixed Media Pets

I enjoy turning your pets pictures into a mixed media creation, This is Mackie the Labradoodle.
Here she is turned into a fun rendition with all the things that dogs love. Walks, chasing a ball, barking at a squirrel and dog treats.
This was our dog Gretchen who passed in 1997
I made Gretchen in Mixed Media for my husband. She loved cookie, walks, chasing balls and being outside.
This is Rolf and I just guessed what he probably liked.

If you would like your pet made in mixed media please message me.
6 X 6 $50.00
8 X 8 $75.00
10 X 10 $100.00
These prices include shipping

A little gardening

The herbs and catgrass are looking healthy. I have sweet basil, flat leaf parsley and mint. I am still looking for a healthy catnip and chives.
Every year these come up and I just love them all over again.
Really, who doesn’t love bleeding hearts?
The pots got planted on the front porch and they sit proudly on the antique bench.
Getting the succulents going again. Winter and digging cats took the toll on them. I keep looking for some string of pearls also.
These are going to the cemetery soon.
A different angle of the front porch.
These are going to smell fabulous!!
I was at a nursery that just sold native plants and I picked up a blue false indigo.
That will be beautiful.
A Royal Catchfly.
This will be stunning. I hope you have yours planted.

World Bee Day

Today is World Bee Day, it is bringing attention to the important pollinators of the world.
We need them.
So instead of slapping and killing and poisoning these little creatures, take care of them, they serve a real purpose.
Click here for more information.
I created this painting titled “Save Us” to bring attention to the bees. Twelve flowers that attract bees……(there are also many more) and a bee is perched on each. The flowers, starting at the top and left to right. Black-eyed Susans, Sunflower, Golden Rod, Globe Thistle, Cat Mint, Liatris, Cone Flower, Butterfly Bush, Bee Balm, Sedum, Coral Bells, White Crocus. To purchase a print of this painting click here. $30.00 plus shipping and also the 24 X 30 original is available for purchase. Message me if you are interested.


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Art Show judging

Applying to art fairs is not for the thinned skinned person. This season I have gotten into many good shows that I am really looking forward to doing.

But it is always a decision how much do you show in your booth. Does it look professional, because most of the time you have to send a booth shot. I have been “Not Invited” (that is the terminology they use) for others that I would really like to show at additionally. So, I decided that I needed to put up my tent and hang paintings and take photographs.

This picture is from an actual show, which I have come to the conclusion that it is too busy. I don’t think they really want that. The judges really don’t want to see what all you have for sale, they want to see a very scaled down version that is easy to look at in 3 to 5 seconds.
This is what I came up with for next years booth shots. Neat and to the point. I had my sides on, no name, no table. The only thing that I don’t like is that the wind is blowing and it kept bulging out the left side. I can fix that though with Photoshop. I had to find a decently warm day, that wasn’t raining and had sunshine. This was only the second day we had that kind of weather this year. I also needed to set up my tent because from my show in April I had a bunch of blacksmiths help me tear down and they took everything apart! I was glad for the help but some parts need to stay together for easy building. So two problems taken care of.

I was trying something different and applied to a show in Missouri, stepping out of my box. They did not invite me and also my score was 9 out of 30. OUCH! They did not like anything I had to offer. It was almost like “how dare you even think about applying to our show!”

Another show that required a DVD sent snail mail, which is not too common anymore. I got it all done, packaged up and sent away with my application fee check, feeling accomplished. Apparently the images did not burn onto the DVD! What I sent them was blank! They did kindly call me and said if I would email the images to them within the half hour then they would take a look. I was out with friends and was not at home.

This weekend starts my outside art fair season at Bloom Fest in Leo Indiana. It is at Riverside Gardens on Schwartz Road. The weather looks (as of right now) picture perfect. This show is in its second year and at least 75 artists and vendors will be there. Food trucks and childrens activities and also live music. Come out and celebrate nature, the Arts and Spring.

Don’t Forget

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is the Rural Artist Studio Tour. I will be working at stop # 7, Fort Wayne Artists Guild Pop Up in the afternoon. It is going to be a great tour and I hope that you won’t miss it.

I have also added three more art shows in on my schedule. Please take a look, it is on the right side of the home page.