Book Review-Without A Doubt by Marcia Clark

A few years ago I picked this book up at a used book store as you can see by the price tag of $3.00, and decided that this should be a good after Christmas read this year.

In 1995 I had a 4 year old and was a stay at home mom, so I had the time to watch “The Trial of the Century” each day and I was hooked and amazed when he was acquitted. I am still amazed after reading this book of the acquittal.

Marcia stepped away from trials after this one and she has never done another one. She also had young children at the time and was juggling motherhood, this trial, becoming a celebrity, illness, a divorce, and then her spouse filed for petition to get the children.
This is how I remember Marcia Clark in 1995, thin, now I think bordering on gaunt after reading the book, and I understand why. Such pressure this trial was and balancing everything else too.

After the trial she was offered this book deal for four million dollars. She was District Attorney for Los Angeles County, She needed the money it is not the same as having your own law practice. This trial changed her life so much, I am sorry that she only got four million. But it has led to other good things.

Here is Marcia Clark in 2016, 21 years later. She looks good! I had to study the picture before I was convinced that it was her. The trial ended on October 3, 1995 and the book was published in 1997. This book was hard for her to write, to go over the events, still recovering from her illnesses, trying to get her life back to some normalcy. She was mad, mad that the jury took race over evidence. For a trial that lasted from January 1995 to October 1995 it only took the jury 4 hours to come to a verdict.

An excerpt from the books Prologue. This book answered the questions that I have always wondered. I missed that this book came out, or I am sure that I would have read it. When I watched it on television it was broken up, and then the press conferences, it wasn’t a complete picture like this book.

Orenthal James Simpson killed his wife because he was a controlling, wife beating, narcissist. He planned the murder and poor 25 year old Ronald Goldman just happened to be at the wrong place and was murdered horrendously too. Race had nothing to do with it, but everything to do with the verdict.

Simpson had been dumped by his then girlfriend Paula Barbieri, through a voice message. Which by the way Barbieri didn’t tell that little important tid bit until the civil trial. Simpson had been ignored and not invited to dinner by his ex-wife after their child’s dance recital and he had been embarrassed. It all set him off and he planned the murder for that night.

Nicole was never able to totally get away from him like many battered women. He stalked her, watching her have sex after they were divorced, while staring though the window in the bushes. She would call the police after an episode of battering and nothing was every done. They found after her death, in a bank lock box, pictures of herself after she had been beaten. Information that she kept because she knew there was a good possibility that she would be killed and she wanted them to know who did it.

Marcia Clark has since written six other crime books and she has a show on A & E network called ; Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48. I will be tuning in for sure.

As for Simpson he was found liable in the civil trial by the Brown and Goldman family. Here is a good article about it from 1997.

In 2008 Simpson was convicted of an armed robbery in Las Vegas served 9 years of his sentence and was let out on parole in 2017. Here is a good article from the New York Times.

Also here is a pretty good article of where people are now and what they are doing. It does not talk about Nicole’s father though. He has since passed away from Alzheimers disease.

Orenthal James Simpson is now 70 years old, has now spent time in prison, owes more money than he can come up with and has been let out on parole. What is ahead for him?

Nicole Brown Simpson would now have been 59 years old

Ronald Goldman would now have been 49 years old

Two lives taken too soon and so brutally

I ate this book up and could not put it down until it was finished.

Merry Christmas (four days later)

We got our family Christmas photos taken, They make me smile! Love these guys! Today is Friday and I feel up to normal again. Wednesday all I did was sleep, read and do the wash. Thursday, I picked up, did the dishes and even picked up a paint brush! Friday I feel back to normal. I needed to get these pictures downloaded.
We always have to have a brothers picture in front of the tree.
I absolutely love this picture!!
My niece Wendy, her husband Adrian and the kids. Liam, Fiona and Neve. Cheers!! Football, baseball, hockey and racing are all represented here.

Hope your Christmas was great too.

Book Review-Sisters First by Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush

I received this book as a gift last year (2017) and it had just come out.  I didn’t read it until recently and it worked out because I then watched the HW funeral and also Barbara Pierce Bush had gotten married in October and saw the pictures of that.  I follow George H. and Laura on Instagram. 

This book was thoroughly enjoyable.  The stories of the girls growing up and when they lived in the Governors mansion then the White House.  Their college years and when 911 happened.  They loved Kennebunkport and all their Grandparents and spending time with them and their cousins.

The two girls have gone to different universities, found their own careers which are very different but their comfort zones are being back together.  The connection from the womb.  They look very different and hold themselves very different too, but they think very similarly.  Service is a very large part of their lives.  This was a great read!

Peggy Cooper Cafritz

When I go through a magazine and find content that I don’t want to get rid of when I am done with the magazine, I tear it out and put it in a plastic cover to fit into a three ring binder.  That way I can revisit these articles that called to me and recycle the magazine.  I am starting on a second binder now.  When we moved I had many magazines that I had not gone through completely, so one day I pulled out an O Magazine and was completely enamored with this article “Art House”. It was from August of 2009 and about Peggy Cooper Cafritz and her home in Washington D.C.  She was a collector and supporter of African-American art and artists. She was also a civil rights activist, educator, attended gatherings, a collector of friends.  The first picture shows Peggy in her foyer with wonderful large art.  She buys what she loves not what matches with everything.  That is the way to do it.  

In this picture she has such fabulous colorful art with different sizes.  The bottom corner shows the house. Here is the article in OMagazine.

More pictures of her home, I just love it! Art, Art, Art!

So I came across this article again recently and did some more research on Peggy.  This is what I found….Soon after the OMagazine hit the newsstands on July 31, 2009 Peggy’s Art house caught on fire.  She wasn’t there, but was visiting friends in Martha’s Vinyard.  Here is the article from the Washington Post. 

The neighborhood was devastated, it seemed to be the hub of it, with the owner, art and visitors.

A little while later she started collecting art again for her new home.  It was a much more modern, glass and metal home but I think that the art softens it.  She is amazing to me.  She moved to a different neighborhood.  They never found the reason that the fire started but she did win a lawsuit against the city because there was not enough water pressure to put out the fire. 

Sadly in February of 2018 she passed away from complications of pneumonia.  She was 70.  Here is the obituary from the New York Times.

What an interesting woman, taken too early.  Here is another article that was interesting.

If you find a piece of art that calls to you, buy it, it will fit because you love it and it makes you happy.