Happenings this week

Saturday I was notified by Artlink that my painting “No Goldfish Allowed” was accepted into the Regional Artists Exhibition in January. This show will be open from January 4th through February 7th 2019. This is my second year and I feel very honored.

November 30 and December 1st will be the weekend of Le Chic Holiday Market at the Memorial Coliseum. I will be setting my booth up along with over 100 other vendors. It looks like a great array of different gifts. Please come out and support handmade, local vendors. I will have many new paintings for sale.

I will have these five paintings for sale at the Pop Up Gallery that the Fort Wayne Artist Guild is having in the City Exchange on Wayne Street, Fort Wayne. Along with the paintings there will be cards and archival prints. The show begins November 28th and will end on December 29th. It will be open Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 6 pm. Please come out and support your local art guild.

I just learned today from the Soaring Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation that Barn Owls with spots are female. I didn’t know that when I painted this owl and named it Barney, but it is going to stay. I love to learn new things.

Free Shipping on All Prints and Cards through Monday November 26th

Choose some archival prints or cards for people on your list because there is FREE SHIPPING (US and Ground only) through Monday November 26th. Be sure to pick out your favorites for yourself too. Shop the store.

More new paintings and one Super Hero

This special man with his penetrating eyes and windblown hair has been added to my store. He is eternal so he always has a permanent spot in the shop. Super Hero Jesus, a unique and special painting and it can be found here.

A new painting for Christmas 2018, That Special Night. The Nativity in mixed media and yes…a cat! All that straw, has to draw the mice. This sweet picture can be found here.

A new painting titled, The Circle of Love. A pink painting with white texture marks and a more pink daisy. It can be found here in the store.

I made this star painting and donated it to the LeChic holiday market for the Festival of Trees . The Tree will be displayed and then auctioned off. The title of this painting is; You Get a Gold Star. It can be found here.


A new feature, located on the left side of the Home Page  are the Categories to easier find a certain image. 

Remember to Shop Small and support your Local Artists, we really appreciate it. 

Contact me with any questions.

That’s Entertainment

I love plays, especially musicals. Fortunately the last couple months have brought me opportunities to see a few. This is my niece Allie or…excuse me…Rizzo as was her character. Her high school put on Grease. Very enjoyable and fun. She did a fantastic job!

The Playbill, we went on Sunday, November 4th.

In October my friend Theresa and I went to see the Choir of Man. We had great seats at the Embassy, I think five rows back from the stage. They had some audience interaction and we were afraid that we were going to be chosen, but thanks goodness not. It was staged in a Scottish or Irish bar, so they had some accents. It was just a bunch of friends who sang songs in a bar about life and their relationships. So enjoyable, I smiled the whole time!

Tonight we are going out to see Elf. I love, love, love this movie, it makes me laugh. I am not a big movie fan of Will Ferrell but this one is good. Shows at the Civic are always good, I am expecting big things. Theresa is bringing her younger grand-kids so it should be a good time. Dinner before too.


I have watched a few movies lately also. Sam and I always end up watching a movie when I go to his place. Usually it is animated. Recently it has been Despicable Me 2, Cocoa, then at home I watched Creed, because Creed II is coming out. I love Rocky movies, these are the next generation of them. Sylvester Stallone is in them still, which is good. I also have Amazon Prime Video, Netfix and have been hitting YouTube. What I can’t find on one, I can usually find on the other. A Christmas movie was recommended to me…Love Actually. Enjoyable for sure. Then there was Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, nothing too deep, just fun. Rumor Has it, with Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner. I enjoyed it too. 

You Tube is fun to find old videos. Harry Chapin, he was on the night time talk shows often. Barbara Walters interview with Lucille Ball. A show on Kristy McNicholes bipolar problem. This one was good….The Oprah Show with all the Osmonds and their family. It was on the week that the father passed away and after Marie did Dancing with the Stars. It was a great show to watch. This is my entertainment while I am working in my studio. I love it, the possibilities are endless! 

Halloween Faces 2018

My annual Halloween faces edition. I sit on my porch, hand out candy and take the trick or treaters pictures. Most of the time I am met with smiles, once in a while I get puzzeled lookes that say no. My first group here are Ashley and her daughters. Ashley works with my husband and me. Her youngest daughter is Wendy, from the Adams Family 9(using her best deadpan face) and her older daughter is Dorothy Baker, she had a great padded tush!

A hippie and a backwoods hunter.

Scary clowns, a great mask (of I don’t know who?) and a jester.

A sweet little lion.

Lots of black clothing, bones, every year that white mask makes me laugh and the red one in the back is scary!

A horse in the back and then I love the little fox mask. This is a good group.

A pirate and a sweet princess with a cupcake headband.

I wanted a better look at the cupcake and that eye makeup!

A Mother walking along, I loved the zipper!

The prettiest Cinderella that came to my door.

I am not sure what her costume was but it was good and such a pretty smile. That’s it for 2018. I hope you had some cuties too!

Fort Wayne Artist Guild

Last night I was driving into Fort Wayne and this sky was so fabulous I had to stop and take a picture of it.


So I was going to a meeting of the Fort Wayne Artists Guild at the downtown library. I joined last month and they are a busy group. I understand it has grown in the past year or so. Last night it was reported that there were 103 members, and each month there are a nice amount of attendees. So nice to see participation. This group is busy promoting the arts. They have something going on all the time, and it is great.

Right now there is an installation at the Heritage Point in Fort Wayne on Heritage Parkway until January 1st. 21 members submitted work, but I was too late to participate. It is winter themed and very nice. Many different genres are represented.

Next they are having a Pop Up Gallery at the City Exchange Shops from November 29 to December 29. All members art, prints, cards are for sale. Open Tuesday through Saturday 11:00 to 6:00. Address 127 West Wayne Street, Fort Wayne. All members participating will have 5 Original pieces.

There will be an exhibit of members art at the Downtown library in the Jeffrey Krull Gallery. January 22 through February 23. All the art will be for sale. Each participating member will have two original pieces showing, if space allows.

The Art Guild also has agreements with various business in the area for members to sign up and hang their art. I will be hanging 10 original pieces at Visiting Home Hospice for the months of March and April. The Address is 5910 Homestead Road, Fort Wayne. I chose this place because my Mother had been there and it is phenomenal. I am proud to hang my art there. Looking forward to the next few months and the new opportunities to show and sell my art.

Now I need to paint, paint, paint!

Two Brand New Paintings

Lavender and White Poinsettias- Torn paper flowers along with orange and red florescent flowers. Green leaves line painted with acrylic ink. Poinsettias also outlined with acrylic ink. A bold background with magenta and pink paint. Graphic circles on the background and a wallpaper vase with graphic dots in different sizes.

This red dancing star on a paynes grey background with texture. The star has it’s gold finery on for the holidays. A green garland floating around the dancing star with gold leaf and red berries.

 Both of these paintings can be used year round depending on your decor. They don’t need to just come out at the holidays. They are also originals where you will not find copies in stores.  Very unique products.
Fine art prints make great gifts also. The sizes that these are printed, make it easy to frame them in ready made mattes and frames. Take a look at the store. Here is the link. Remember to shop small and buy local.

Book Review-The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines

This book was just darn cute. It was written in both Joanna’s and Chips voices, with different fonts for each. It explains how their marriage and business got started. They are very different individuals and I believe that is how it works. Joanna is quiet and subdued where Chip….well…isn’t, but very entertaining. He is a fun but irritating person, who doesn’t have much fear of trying new endeavors. They have done well and keep adding new lines to their story along with a new baby, who came after the book was finished. This book was published in 2016. My son Kevin and I always watched Fixer-Upper together. He loved the use of all the tools and the craziness of Chip. We both loved to watch the different houses and would discuss what we liked the best and were definitely disappointed when they ended the show. Chip and Joanna have now come out with a good possibility of a network and it will be fun to see what they do with it. Kevin and I look forward to it. If you are fans of Chip and Joanna, read the book, it was a fun read.

The Story Behind the Paintings

I recently added this painting to my online store. Most of my paintings have a story behind them. While I was putting all the necessary information into the computer to make it show up correctly it took me back to why I painted this.

It was during 2015, when the election campaign was in full swing and there was constant clashes between the people running for the presidential office. We the people, were being constantly bombarded with nastiness. I just hoped it would calm down after the election and this painting was my hope.
1. The dark blue sky above with stars with hearts hanging down from it.
2. Flowers in a vase and one being a peace lily.
3. The angel- I always picture my angels having auburn hair, it possibly comes from a card my mother gave me when I was small. It made an impact. She has embossed gold wings and her halo is braided hemp twine painted gold. She is holding the earth which was made with a Styrofoam technique. It has a coating on it so I could paint it easily and it is very light to be able to glue it on. She has her buddy, the wise owl on her shoulder and her eyes are closed in prayer. She has a white aura about her.  I used the well known words because they are the ones that kept coming to mind.
This painting was used for our Christmas cards last year also.
The original has since been sold.

Today, I just added this painting to the online Store. “Pursue the Passion” I decided to do a series of three paintings with hearts and this was the first. I am drawn to hearts as you can tell by my business name.

This was painted soon after I decided to pursue a career in art. I had left a business office job, took a year off and decided that I wanted to build an art business. My husband at that same time decided to change jobs also. He had gone from a State Policeman for 25 years, to working in the Department of Revenue for 10 or so years to pursuing car sales. Something totally different right? We were losing that steady. every two weeks. we know what it will be income to something somewhat steady and with a lot of potential. These are not easy jobs to be successful. Sales are long hours, a lot of walking and talking and sometimes you come up short. With the art business, I make the inventory, I market it, I am the IT person, I sell it and am always looking for potential everything. Both of us are pursuing a passion and we had to spread our wings to do it. To decide to take the leap. It works well that I am home keeping track of things, because he is gone many hours of the day.
So the big red heart, the white words, the wings that could be bird or angel. I worked on my mixed media technique with the ribbon of leaves at the top and the raised leaves at the bottom with molding paste and stencils. The outlines of the heart and wings are made with Shiva oilstiks. I love them, they are so smooth. The original is still available size 18 X 18.

The second in the series “Love Many Things”. Original is still available. Size 18 X 18

The third in the series. “For You” Original is still available. Size 18 X 18. Send a message if you are interested. 


Do You Like Flowers

My newest painting, just completed yesterday and it is now uploaded in the Here’s My hART Store. An overall red and green scheme with fun flowers. Wallpaper, acrylic ink, a little blue a little white and it turned into a vibrant painting. This can be purchased in three different sizes.

I have also made categories in the Store for easier searching. Just hover over the words “Here’s My hART Store” and they will just drop down. Much easier to find what you are looking for.