We Are the Same

Because of the recent events I thought this should be the next painting to add to the store. No matter what color of hair, or skin, or religion or sexual orientation we are all made the same. This can be purchased Here in three different sizes.

Book Review-The Storied Life of A.J.Fikry: A Novel by Gabrielle Zevin

I am an Amazon Prime member and they send book suggestions. I don’t usually look at them because I know that I would buy one. This time I did and I bought one, of course. I have many  books that I need to read,but oh well….you know.

Many things caught my interest, the title, the color of the book and that is was about a man who owned a book store. I love bookstores, oh the possibilities!
When I started this book I perceived this man as quite old, a widower, living in a musty bookstore, with old titles, and was very cranky. I was very surprised that he was in his mid thirties, and had just lost his wife a couple of years before. I thought it was well written because it gave the reader the sense of just how sad A.J.Fikry was.
Many things started happening to him that started waking him up to life again. He met a new literary rep, though he was mean to her the first time. A two year old was left with a note, in his store for him to take care of, with the mother washing up on shore the next day. With those two things it grew and was fantastic to watch him join the world again. Though you will need to keep a few tissues nearby.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it took me no time to finish it. By the ratings and reviews many felt the same way. I always looked forward to picking it back up.

Book Review-Still Me by Jojo Moyes

This book is the third of a trilogy by Jojo Moyes.

1. Me Before you
2. After You
3. Still Me
These books are about Louisa Clark, who is a care taker of people. She did not start out that way in the beginning of the books, she was a waitress. Her evolution into care taking has been an interesting and emotional ride.
I have reviews on the first two and had to read the third, it did not disappoint.
The setting for this book is in New York City where she came to assist a very wealthy, younger second wife, who was not originally from the United States and married into this status of wealth. It took Louisa a while to figure out what the needs of this woman were. Louisa worked long hours, had some perks and many quirks as with the mega wealthy living the elite life in downtown Manhattan. Eventually events happened that Louisa got let go from this job and surprisingly became employed, with no pay, by the irksome woman down the hall with her dog. Louisa had been treated poorly and unfairly by the wealthy family so we are seething at that, and then started liking the irksome woman where the story takes a interesting turn.
I enjoyed this book, it is purely entertainment and liked the intertwining of the people in Louisa’s life. Will she find happiness again? When she was let go of her job, which brought her to New York from England, would she have enough money to live on? How was she going to do that? I like New York City, lost love, found love etc. I do recommend this trilogy, it is not deep, just an enjoyable easy read. Keep a few tissues nearby.

Second “Find Your Creative Joy” Workshop

My sweet friend Joan was my only student for the second workshop. When I set these up I wanted to try a couple of different days to see which day was more popular. I believe saturday or sunday may be better than friday night. So from now on I will have them on those days.

I love Joan’s little canvas, it is fabulous! She had just visited Vermont and Maine this month and the trees were changing. This was the driving force for her colors, and it worked. It was a bold move with the dark blue sky but then she added a little gray and a little white to give it some movement. Then the dark green and light green with some burlap texture. Good choice patterns for her trees also.

Tearing the sun ray shapes to attach around the sun.

Left side of the canvas with the little flowers and textures.

Right side with the sunflowers.

The top of the canvas with the sun. We decided we really liked the color choices of the sun. She used copper colored paint to put surrounding it. Sign up on my home page to receive blogs posts, unless you are already signed up, to find out when I announce the next Find Your Creative Joy Workshop.


In The Pines

The most recent addition to the store. This painting has become a huge favorite. From the quote-Take Our Hearts for a Walk in the Woods and Listen to the Magic Whispers of Old Trees. To the green trees, the moose, red fox and pine martin. Now available for purchase in two sizes.

Let’s Talk About Note cards

Did you know that each and everyone of my prints in my store has a note card that can be ordered too? What is so special about these note cards you ask?

1. You are sending someone art. Not art that you can find everywhere else but only in a select spot. Not Hobby Lobby, not the grocery store or the pharmacy.
2. The print is so good that it can be framed.
3. They are all hand made by me. I make the painting, print the picture, glue them together on heavyweight cardstock, stamp them, print the label and stick it on the back insert them into the cellophane wrapper.
4. They are perfect to have on hand for, thinking of you, if someone is sick. Congratulations card, birthday card, graduation, sympathy or new home.

The stamps that I use are all hand carved by me. I stamp small images on the inside of the cards and on the envelopes. Who doesn’t love to get an envelope in the mail that is decorated? So each card is special and unique. It is always good to have some on hand, occasions pop up when you least expect them to. To find them easily click on over click on overe here.

Summer Garden

Summer Garden is the most recent print to be added to the store. The original is a mixed media painting with a dragonfly with paper wings and a paper grasshopper with some painted features. Colorful flowers with floating dandelion puffs and a quote from Heinrich Heine, a German author, composer. “She dances here, She dances there. The glimmering, glittering flutterer fair.” This would be a perfect picture for a child’s room, someone who is taking dance possibly. It can be purchased in three different sizes. The link to this picture is here.

Hello *Artists Needed*

I have just one person registered for this Fridays- Find Your Creative Joy Workshop -October 26th. I have room for 11. I would love to pass the technique of mixed media on to others plus it is in a wonderfully historic building.

But if you were holding back because you really wanted to make the flowers, I am ok with that too. We can have both going on at the same time, just as long as we are making something.

Showing the beautiful paintings that the artists made on Sunday. They told me they didn’t have much experience with art!

It is four hours of art therapy, and using the other side of your brain. Painting is therapeutic, and after a long week of doing what you do, you need that. I will bring canvases for both paintings, bring along a friend and have some fun. Here is the link to sign up…….Sign Up.

The next pictures show the sides of the canvases.

 We use the whole canvas and wrap it around. Please join the fun, and I make some mean cookies!



This brilliant poppy has just been added to my store. It would definitely make an awsome statement on your wall. It is aptly titled Live Out Loud. Hang it on a dark wall, a white wall. It would say WOW and make you happy as you walk by. Additionally a white matte and frame or a black matte and frame would both work. It is sized to easily fit in ready made mattes and frames. Check it out in my store.

The Votes are in

Sunflowers on My Mind received the most votes. I did some tweeking to it by printing it off, going over the lines with a medium Pitt Pen and scanned it again. This is will be my submission for the Library Coloring Book. We will see if it gets chosen. Thanks for your help!