Blooms Paintings

This week I am going to be preparing for my first art show of the season. Tulip Time in Holland Michigan. I wanted to show you some of the paintings in process that came out of my workshop with Carrie Schmitt. Such beautifully talented women that I was with! If you are feeling a bit down these should perk you up.

These paintings are just a small portion of what was created that weekend. Every woman did three or four paintings.

Don’t these just take your breath away?


Just enjoy!

That’s all I think you can absorb for now. Stop back if you need a pick me up.

Creative Women’s Market

On my home page you will find my show schedule and I have included the dates where I will be setting up at the Wunderkammer Arts Center. I was at the first one in April and even though it was a rainy/flurry night there were quite a few patrons that came through. This market celebrate creative women and there were artists, jewelry makers, seamstress, bakers, gardeners and soapmakers on my end. There are two rooms. Along with this there was a running photographer exihibit on the walls. I had access to the door going out to the courtyard and it was really interesting. Once the warm weather shows up it will be quite pretty because there are many areas that have garden growth. Mountains were painted on the brick building that is the south side.

The fence that is the east side and next to the road has items attached to it for privacy I am sure. The pathway is painted also.

I was not sure what all to bring since I normally set up in a tent. So I brought my three easels and three large canvases, prints, painted rocks, notecards and small canvases that can sit up on their own. It was fun and I met new people. My next one I will be at is in June.

This building used to be an italian restaurant that was very popular. All the flooring had been taken up and there was just a cement floor. I was trying to think if I had ever eaten in the room I was showing in. This picture shows the east wall that has been painted very colorfully. It was a fun night, only three hours and a different venue than where I normally am at. I look forward to returning in June.


I have a fascination with sea glass. I just think the colors are beautiful. It is just broken bottles and such that the water has tumbled and smoothed and then it washes up on shore to be discovered and made into really interesting things. Take this picture for example. I follow Anne Marie Gorham who is the owner of lakesuperior_beachglass. She lives in Duluth, MN. Here she has taken the sea glass and made a delightful elephant.

Here she made a blue bicycle with flowers in the basket. I really had a hard time choosing. If you would like to go look for yourself, her shop.

My own little treasures of beachglass and such. I found them on a Lake Erie beach. They are in an antique butter pat my grandmother gave to me. Another person I follow, but I don’t have anything from them is IrishPatti. She lives in Rochester New York and gathers beachglass from lake Ontario. She makes some really pretty items also. She has a great instagram and facebook page.

Lastly this is my necklace that I bought from Karen Boddy, and she lives in Cleveland and makes Lake Erie seaglass jewelry and also seaglass from the Virgin Islands. She just did a great blog post about sea glass and this is her website. Do you have any seaglass?

Books, Binging and Movies

For those of you who know me or have followed me, you know my love affair with books. I download some on my devices but I really do miss the feel of them. Here is a recent one that was purchased. Much of my Amazon points are used for books, and enjoy going in, buying it, getting them in two days (prime) and not paying a dime, Such a simple luxury for me. My goal list has decluttering on it, and I get a lot of inspiration from books. This should tell me to just “let it go”, which is hard to do sometimes.

This book was pulled out from a pile in my closet. Doesn’t this just have the cutest cover? I never finished it the first time, life just took over I bet. It has very thoughtful stories in it.

A pile of books by my bed. The top three are new. “The Red Tent” has become a favorite. It was read a few years ago but I wanted to revisit it again. “Still Me” and “Colonel Roosevelt” are the third books in a trilogy.

Favorites from workshops I have taken and biographys of Chip and Joanna and The Busch Sisters. My sister in law sent those to me….I love, love biographys! “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” needs to be picked up and finished. I must have gotten bogged down with something in it, and I like the book but it must have been a slow part.

This movie I was searching for on Amazon Prime and Netflix but it was not open for watching yet, so I just purchased the DVD. Very enjoyable, I have watched it twice so far. It’s a keeper. While searching I came across a documentary called Packed in a Trunk-The Lost Art of Edith Lake Wilkerson. It was very good also and I had to watch it twice to catch everything and answer questions. Movies we have watched as a family was The Expendables 1 and 2 but still have the third one to go. A group of mercenary’s headed by Sylvester Stallone are hired by people to do rescues in of course, unconventional ways. Lots of explosions and death but I think the amusing parts are when Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis show up out of the blue. One of the ruffians looks at Sylvester Stallone and says “who is going to show up next….Rambo”? I didn’t think I would ever say this, but I look forward to watching number three.

So this little character started my life of Binge watching. My Oldest, Sam gave to me at Christmas, this figure. I was very perplexed, I had no idea who it was. So I had him explain it and when he said Superhero I was hooked. I love Superhero’s! The Netflix account is his so I had not looked into it because I had an Amazon Prime account. Well this has opened up a whole new world. I had watched all they offered of Green Arrow, then Flash, then The Crown, which was fabulous! When I finished each show, I was kind of depressed for an hour, after realizing I have to wait till the current season is over to watch them in succession. I am now watching Flint Town which is pretty good too, but I can stop after one show, it doesn’t take over my life, like the others.


This pile here, is the last of my thrift store books from vacation last year.

This book has short stories, poems and beautiful artwork by G. Webb and Ron Evans.

Much to my delight, I have an autographed copy by G. Webb. What a find!

One example of the watercolor paintings. He has a gallery in Gatlinburg, TN.

This book I picked up in Northeast Harbor, on Mount Desert Island in Maine. She lived in Philadelphia and was a bit eccentric. Wouldn’t let me just look, I asked about an old botanical, she showed this, had an 8.00 price tag. Said she was surprised about that and it should be more. She was overwhelmed because she then had many more customers come in. So I picked this up and it’s pretty cool.

A former owner had an address embosser and he was H. Conrad Meyer, from Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia. I did a little investigating and found that he used to be the Vice President of Foote Mineral Co. which was closed in 1991 and is now a Superfund Site to be cleaned up. That’s all I could find though, but very interesting.

The plates as they are called, are very neat and it was first published in 1934.

This one was picked up in the Vermont thrift store. I liked it since our destination was Maine.

This also came from Vermont but I had visited Oregon earlier in the year. I hope to go back some day, there is so much to see that I missed.