Pincushions, pottery and hearts

Decorations and tree were taken down a couple of weeks ago and the furniture was all dusted and the hearts have come out for a few weeks. I left out just a couple of snowmen but I am ready to move on. See the little heart tree? Angie my niece found it and it is titled “here’s my heart”, so perfect! Just fun stuff to greet us in the foyer.

Love, love hearts!

I don’t think I every posted this pottery bowl I picked up at the 2016 winterfair. I use it for decoration but it would be good for salad or pasta, for a large gathering. I just think it is is so unique! For the life of me I cannot find the business card for this person. I know they are in Ohio and she is a teacher and she was doing this part time.

Love all the details and the colors.

The bottom has the unglazed redware with decoration.

The decorations around the handle on the outside. Is this not a wonderful bowl????

It just goes so well on my little table in the foyer. My camera wasn’t too straight with this picture, but it really is straight. There are two deep drawers that I keep candles stored in. The words are, believe in today, your life is now.

Margaret my helper bee, made the sweet pin cushions. They are soft and full of beans, a chick and a carrot. I have them showing off on my cabinet because they are so cute!

Violet Grace and From the Garden

Earlier I did a post on this painting. It was a commissioned painting for a friend, Melody. Instead of flowers she asked to have memorial painting for her friend Laura who had a grandchild pass away. They have been friends for nearly 50 years.

Because of Laura’s long hours she works as a nurse they were able to finally get her and her painting together at the hospital. I understand that she was very touched with her Violet Grace. She looks like a nurse that I would love to have take care of me, what a lovely lady. Thank you Laura for your dedication! To read more about this painting look at the post A Memorial-Violet Grace in November 2017.

I wanted to share this beautiful frame that Melody found to put “From the Garden” print in. It is just perfect and breathtaking. Melody worked with my husband at the Indiana Department of Revenue and has been a huge supporter of my art. Thank you Melody. Both the painting and prints can be found in my etsy shop.


I really enjoy HGTV magazine, it is always so colorful. This was from October of 2015 and the flowers on the front really grabbed me and that’s where I got the inspiration for my latest painting “Orange Bouquet”.

Orange and blue are one of my favorite combos. I selected my orange, orange red, florescent orange, quinacridone red-orange, a Target paint named carrot and randomly placed them on the canvas until I decided it was full enough. I knew that once I started adding to them, then the flowers would become much larger and fuller and fill in. The vase I drew in and then painted over with titanium white to give it a base so it would be easier to put whatever color I decided on. The background also has a couple of hearts.

This book I picked up at a second hand book store in Bar Harbor Maine. It has the most wonderful close up pictures of birds in their habitats and I use it all the time. I don’t like to just guess with animals or birds or insects because I will leave key elements out. I find actual pictures and then make a loose rendition of the critter. It’s more fun for me in my own style.

This is the finished painting of “Orange Bouquet”. The flowers were built up with acrylic paint and molding paste. Some of the flowers have three different colors of paint along with fine iridescent gold paint (my favorite) and bronze paint. Torn paper roses, white flowing vines with yellow-green tiny berries. The vase ended up being Prussian blue. Little hummingbird was cut out of yellow green wallpaper and then the other elements were painted on. The actual canvas size is 18 X 18 and a 11 X 11 print can be purchased in my shop for $25.00 plus shipping.


Artlink Regional Artist Exhibition

Last night was the opening reception for the Regional Exhibition. An artist could submit 5 entries and one of mine was accepted, “From the Garden”.

Here is is on the far right. It looked pretty on the wall with the other two.

The next pieces are ones that I thought noteworthy. This one is called “Blacklist”. The subject matter is the Holocaust. Inside the little doors on black paper are names. Up close the children were very mesmerizing. Not a light picture but done very well.

This is called “View of Florence”. It is done with very thick oils. It took everything I had not to touch it. I was wondering if all the layers of oils were even dry.

This one is called “Fungal Bloom IV”. It is made with Fungus, gold leaf, birch plywood, spray paint.

“Moon Garden” on a 36 X 36 Canvas. All Acrylic Paint done beautifully.

You understand as well as I do. That’s all I know.

Beautifully done with Fabric.

“Twister” acrylic paint and PVC panel.

My husband renamed this piece-Mob taking their work home. It was just sitting on the floor…Quirky, but a definite conversation starter.

This is a woodcut, that was hand colored and glow paint was used for the light coming from the flying saucer. It is called “I want to believe”.

Burning – encaustic and mixed media. I thought these pieces were noteworthy and I feel honored that a painting I created is hanging with many other artists in a gallery.