2017-The Year of the Cat

Revisiting the year….Way back in April, Mama had a litter,somewhere but we didn’t know where. She must have shown up very soon after she had them because she was still showing signs of birth,and she was so, so hungry. I knew she had to be in one of the neighbors bushes and she would make her way over briefly 3 or 4 times a day to eat. Then one day we found the group in the hole by the automatic pool cover. It was dangerous there and one of the kittens got caught in the rope. We were very broken up about that. She took them away again somewhere. Then one morning they all were laying on top of her in the porch chair, all four of them. She looked like a possum. They stayed in our bushes after that. See the little guy in the back, I was never able to catch him so I couldn’t find a home for him.

Here are the three, the one who is missing is in the bushes. I front two I found homes for and the back one became part of our clan.

This is the big guy as of this morning. He is six months old and just got neutered yesterday. He is doing fantastic. His name is Miggy and he has a voracious appetite. We kept his claws because he goes in and out to be with his brother Pookey, who finally came out of the bushes and can be cuddled and loved, but can still be skittish and scared.

This is Pookey’s place that Kevin built. It is on our covered porch. The roof is on hinges so I can open it.

It is insulated and it also has an electric heated pad, that warms up with their body temperature. We made it large enough so that Pookey, Miggy and Mama can fit in. I am sorry I don’t have a picture of Pookey, he is big and handsome like his brother and he also yesterday became neutered and received all of his necessary shots. I have a swinging door for it but I am afraid he won’t go in if it is on. We have to tighten it up a little more with spray in insulation and glue some on the roof too. But he is getting used to it. If it gets too cold, he can come in the house but he seems happier outside. BTW, the black spots on the heated pad cover are little tiny burrs that will not come up easily.

So I wasn’t fast enough to get Mama spayed after that litter and she got pregnant again. I put her in the sunroom near the end of July so we would know where the kittens were at. She was not happy about this the first week. But then she became accustomed to the Bed and Breakfast. She had the kittens August 10th and it was an awesome experience for me. We now have a very special bond. She has come such a long way since January when I first met her on my front porch. She was skittish and scared and kept looking behind her like something was chasing her.

Here is Mama and the kittens maybe 3 days old.

Here they are at 3 weeks old. They were as much of a joy as the first litter. Easier because I knew where they were at.

From 7 weeks on I have been introducing you to the people who have given the kittens their forever homes. The last two left on November third they went together to my friend Joan. She has named this little boy Dooley.

This little girl is name Lacey. They are so funny because they do everything together, sleep, eat, play, poop. If one does it then the other does it. They have a wonderful home as all of the kittens do. I am so grateful that our friends, family and friends of family have given them their forever homes. I am also happy to say that Mama has been spayed. That woman had a workout this year and we are taking care of her, she can go inside or out and gets lots of love and food.

So we had our sunroom empty for two days and this little lady is occupying it for a couple of weeks. She can’t be more than four months old and she was found in the neighborhood. One of our neighbors who loves cats was fostering her then they couldn’t keep her anymore. We found a wonderful family that will be moving into a new home soon and they are giving her a forever home. She is a sweetie! Such a happy story.

So I made this painting this year and it says it all. I have seen Pookey eating a frog, Miggy with a mouse and a Vole and who knows whatever else they find in the surrounding yards. They are a treat and we love them. By the way, this print can be purchased in my Etsy Shop.


A Memorial-Violet Grace

This sweet violet painting was a commissioned piece. A customer requested a small painting to send to her friend because her three month old grandbaby passed away from SIDS. She was not able to go to the funeral as it was out of state and she wanted to send something personal and unique. She felt flowers would just get lost in the abundance of flowers and eventually they die. So she asked if I would paint a small canvas with Violets because the babies name was Violet Grace.  I added layered hearts for the leaves and little pink rosebuds and a white butterfly.

I enjoy using gallery stretched canvases that have larger profiles (1 1/2 inches) for several reasons. 1. I like the stability of them. 2. If it’s a smaller picture sit easily on a shelf. 3. You don’t have the cost of framing them. 4. I like to paint the sides with a decoration.

A print of this can be purchased in my Etsy shop.  It will be signed and have a matte included for $18.00 plus shipping. Or if you would like to have a small original made to give to a family instead of flowers there is an area on my Etsy shop where this can be ordered. It is under MEMORIALS. The cost is $65.00 plus shipping ($7.00) plus tax if you are in Indiana. Once I get an order from you I will send an email for more clarification about your order. The size would either be 5 X 7 or 6 X 6. The prints will always be titled with the love ones first and/or middle name. The original will be securely shipped by USPS in a box with bubble wrap and included will be an informational paper about the painting and about myself. When the painting is completed I send photos of it to get your feelings and verification that it is what you had in mind before I mail it. I thought that this customer had a very heartfelt idea and I wanted to extend it to others.

Halloween Faces 2017

Every year I try to get pictures of my Halloween visitors. I never have any problems getting them to stop. These were my first treats, loved the red hair.

Batman and a cute pirate.

The mask with the rosie cheeks makes me smile.

Ode to stripes. A sweet honey bee.

A hot dog and kind of like those blow up things that wave back and forth.

Our neighbors….a zombie softball player and I think he looks like Robin Hood.


The adult with his animal head was good.

Creepy baby doll head.

Ugly clown head!!

Shiny orangy mask!

Got Mom in there too, her costume was good too.

Gilly suit.

Witches. They were fun to watch coming up in the shadows. Not as big a crowd as usual, but it was a very cool night, it went well. Another one on the books.