New Painting-Earth Peace

I started this painting on a 10 X 10 canvas with the idea of an angel and a dimensional earth. For the earth I used half of a Styrofoam ball and wrapped it with plaster cloth. I let it dry for three days until it did not feel damp., then I painted it with acrylic paint. The halo is very thin jute braided and glued on with heavy gel medium. The earth is also glued on with a good layer of heavy gel medium as it is not heavy at all.

The finished painting. Generally I do not use a well known quote but I felt that this resonated with everyone as a song. We all need to work on Peace by being kind to our earth, to fellow man and to our animals. The owl is of course representing wisdom and the hearts love. I really really liked the gold that I used for the halo and her dress. It was the first time I opened this bottle and it is Golden brand Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine) and also the first time I used golden Quinacridone Magenta as in the flowers.

Wrapping around some of the images on the side for interest.

The opposite side. This is up in my Etsy shop if you would like to purchase a print. As always, thanks for stopping.

Book Review: Me before You by Jojo Moyes

This book was recommended to me by my friend Theresa. We were walking through a bookstore and she pointed and said “this is the best book I have every read”! Of course that piqued my interest and of course I had to buy it. The main characters are a 27 year old women whose last job was in a small restaurant and a 35 year old man whose last job was a CEO of a large company. The restaurant had closed and she was looking for a new job. He had been in a horrible accident that left him in a wheel chair with no movement from the chest down. He was at the family home and his mother was looking for someone to stay with him during the day. This was an unlikely friendship that started out slowly. Mother said that she only needed her for six months but did not say why. This book deals with assisted suicide and how to convince someone that their life is worth living. I have to agree with Theresa, I could hardly put this book down and it left me blubbering at the end. I think I will go watch the movie now.

Looking Ahead in 2017

I am excited to tell you about a weekend trip I will be taking in March. I have always admired Carrie Schmitt and her art work. She is putting on a workshop in Portland Oregon that I signed up for. I got the email and didn’t think too long about going. It’s a small group, 18 people and it will be held in Flora Bowley’s studio in Portland. Making plane, hotel and car rental reservations soon. It will be an awesome time. The link to read about it here.

Then in July Tom and I have decided to take a trip to Maine. See Acadia National Park, stay in Bar Harbor on the Ocean. It looks like a quaint, sweet town. I would like to see many National Parks in the coming years so we are starting with the first eastern most one. Link I will be using to read about the area. So I can say I will be Sea to Shining Sea this year!

We are going to drive and I would like to see the Adirondacks also. This picture is beautiful. Here is the site I will be using.

I am in the off season for art fairs in the north. This is the time to research and apply to the fairs to participate in. All in all I will apply to 16 for March through October. Now is the time to make art, make changes to the tent, and just prepare for the season. My first show will be For the Love of Art at the Century Center in South Bend Indiana. Come on up and see some fantastic art. Do you have some fun plans for the upcoming year?


Book Review: Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris

Happy New Year! First Post of 2017, may we all do the best with what we have and that the world be a better place.

I will not sugarcoat this, the book was overwhelming to get through, only because Theodore Roosevelt did so much in the two terms that he served as President, it was a lot to absorb.
The book started out as TR riding down a slippery mountain with a driver, wagon and horse. He had been at a family vacation in the Adirondack mountains when he got word that President McKinley was gravely ill due to an assassination attempt. Congressmen had encouraged TR to accept the Vice Presidential position because they thought it would keep him quiet and out of their way. It ended up that being the Vice President is only a breath away from being the president.
Reading this book while the country was going through a Presidential election, especially when our two candidates were from New York as was Theodore Roosevelt was just interesting. Adding to it, we had visited New York City this last July. So I still had those pictures in my mind along with TR’s beloved Sagamore Hill.
Some of the accomplishments during his presidency were; building a Navy fleet, only second to Britain. started the Panama Canal, settled a coal strike, a peace treaty between Japan and Russia, National Conservation, 18 national monuments and five national parks, plus there is so much more.
He would answer each letter that was sent to him, He read sometimes two books per day. He had an amazing mind and was a very beloved president by the people, second to Abraham Lincoln. I did enjoy this book and learned a lot, just had to read it a little at a time.
Thank you for stopping.