Completed In The Pines


When I started building this painting my main vision included the different size pine trees. I cut out different sizes from wallpaper and originally was going to use many less. I then added allĀ  the rest and liked the way it looked. The background was originally much different with many different greens. It didn’t make the picture and I painted over it with Paynes grey and Chromium Oxide Green. I wanted it to be dark like the inside of a forest.


Here is the completed painting of In The Pines. I really love the sky, it has a lot of movement and the sun is Van Goghish. The words are Take Our Hearts For A Walk In The Woods….And Listen To The Magic Whispers of Old Trees. There are many interesting elements to this painting. Look closely to find the pine martin peeking through the trees. I have posted this in my shop if you would like to purchase a print. The size will be printed as 8 X 14.5 on 11.7 X 16.5 archival paper and ink.


I will be adding this painting to my booth when I set it up in Columbus, Ohio December 2 through 4. If you are in the area please stop by. My shop link.

The Beauty of the World


This last weekend our neighbors asked if we would take care of their animals while they were gone. We love doing this gladly. I was walking along the side of the house and came across these beautiful flowers and thought “OH, these are so cool! To me they look like zinnias but they are candy striped.


Another one with a little different design. So gorgeous!


The neighbor on the other side has this tree that I can see out my kitchen window. Here I am showing you it framed in the mutton.


For some reason it just looks so stunning from my window but I went outside and got a closeup for you.


Then further back. The day turned cooler but sunny. The humidity went away and it was so nice to be outside.


During this time of the year I love it when the blue of the sky is darker and it gives the colorful trees a nice background. The farmers have gotten their crops in and the neutral colored ground is lovely.


Another set of trees with the darker blue background. Standing outside with a little breeze, the temps are nice and the smell of a wood fire somewhere. Life is good!


Using the bird for art


I clean a couple of car dealership buildings in the morning during the week. The windows do not stay clean so I don’t think this is the problem but Savannah (she works there also) and I have talked about this and we think that possibly the birds are drawn to a tree that is just inside the door. The birds must see it and fly toward it and hit the window and that’s all she wrote….dead. The third bird in a month and a half has perished in the same area. I feel bad just throwing the body into the trash, so I thought I might use it first for some pictures. Kind of donating the body. I wrapped it up in paper towels and then newspaper and put it in my purse. At 9:00 that evening I remembered I had it in there and thought I needed to use it and then dispose of the body. I have a hard time drawing bird feet so I especially took many pictures of the little sparrows feet.


Then the little beak.


His feather design is beautiful.


Feet placement and feather designs.


Feather design and feet placement and the way the side feathers lay. I took 26 pictures so I used his body well. I wrapped him up and gently placed the birdie in the trash. Tomorrow I believe I will move the tree. Hopefully there will not be anymore casualties…..

Halloween Faces


I enjoy taking pictures of our trick or treaters and they do not flinch at having their pictures taken. These two were my first and I thought they were so cute when they put their arms around each other.


I especially liked the hot dog along with the sweet unicorn.


The Hulk makes me laugh. It was impossible to grab candy out of the basket with those hands.


Our sweet neighbors. The chubby one makes me laugh.


How can you not laugh at the crying baby.


The curlers and the glasses.


I loved the pose.


Absolutely no enthusiasm for the night.


Batman was a big costume tonight.


I don’t know if it was male or female under that mask.


The dog had a costume also.


Quite happy for being shot in the head.


A blind mouse.




Another set of our sweet neighbors.




Lily and Sara, all these were fun, did you have some good costumes?