In the Pines


This is just the bare bones start of a new painting. My paintings are usually based somehow on moments in my life that leave deep feelings and memories. We had to make the trek up to Minnesota to take our son to camp in 2011. We crossed into Duluth which by the way is fabulous with the shipyards and Lake Superior. We drove into the woods and I had never seen so many pine trees! It was awe inspiring.


Unfortunately I had a computer crash and lost most of the pictures from that trip. I did come across this one of Burntside Lake. We rented a really cute cabin at Burntside Lodge. This was out our window. We could hear loons and wolves howling. It was very neat and memorable. So the painting is based on my memories of Minnesota. I have many ideas to go.


Here is an early watercolor of mine that I painted of one of the cabins in the woods by the lake. Till next time……have a beautiful weekend!

New Prints in shop


Lil Punkin has been added to my etsy shop. Black crow resting on the top of the deep orange or rust plaid pumpkin with a little white heart.


Little Pot of Flowers has also been added to the shop. These flowers don’t wilt, fade or need watered. They are contained in a black stenciled pot with green and white dots.

It just appeared in the trunk


My husband and I stopped at a big box store this weekend while coming back from Detroit. I walked by the home store and this sweet little table was on the mark down shelf. I just fell in love with it. It has such personality and it just found it’s way into the trunk. I have no idea where it will end up in the house but I love the color and the saying. Believe in today Your life is now.


Just a little fall decorating with my original Fall Garden watercolor. A print of it can be purchased in my Etsy Shop.


When the fall comes around I always bring out my girl riding a crow perched on a candlestick holder. Someone made this and I found it at an antique shop. I love the little pumpkin in his mouth.


I love her funny round face and rosy cheeks and her part in her hair.


I picked this up at one of the art shows I worked. I thought this artist had the cutest handmade pillows and bags. I don’t usually use rick rack and thought it was nice. those are little blue dragonflys at the top of the flowers.


Since I had these marbles holding up the little pillow I decided to give a close up. This clay bowl was an early school art class, very rough and poorly glazed. It is holding some old marbles I picked up at an antique shop.


I seem to be drawn to angle wings and this was from another artist at the same art show. Hearts and wings and the saying is Be the Love. Just some fun items I have picked up lately. Hope you have done that too. Till next time!


Catching Fall before it is gone


I have no idea what this tree or bush is but I loved the deeper green leaves with the red berries. There were many of these along the paths.


Here is a tree with woodpecker holes and a mushroom fungus growing out from it.


I just thought this picture was beautiful with all the different colors of fallen leaves.


We think that this is the red tree where the red leaves that were found.


A tall yellow tree. It’s a good inspiration tree.


This was so pretty because of the the hillside and the carpet of leaves along with the sunlight coming through the trees.


The sun peeking in through the top is just lovely!


The bright green leaves and the yellow from another tree are what caught my attention.


This large tree teetering on the edge of the hill with tunnels underneath it.


The full length of the teetering tree.


little wildflowers still blooming.


Looking up into the tall pine tree.


Pine Needle Path


I like this tree not only because of the pretty leaves but the limbs curved around and the bark was either diseased or something ate it.


Mushroom growing out of the ground with the pretty different leaves surrounding it.


Little bit of lichen and something was looking for bugs to eat. Interesting tree bark.


I really love this picture. The bright red plant in the front with the yellow leaves in the background.


Interesting fungus growing on this narrow tree bark.


Another different wildflower still blooming.


DSC_0019 On Wednesday my friend Kathy and I decided to walk the trails of an Acres Land Trust site. These are areas of land that has been bought or donated so it is covered and won’t be developed. There are many sites in Allen County and and I found one that was 10 miles north of us. It was very nice that there were walking sticks at the beginning of the path because it gets muddy and hilly sometimes. Here is Kathy with her walking stick and the proper attire to wear on the path. The second picture is just showing the prettiness of the path with the shadows and the sunlight.



I just have to end this post with the moon the other night over our house. It was a full beauty. I wish I would have put the strong lens on. Kathy and I picked a perfect day to walk in the woods, the next day was a whole day of rainfall. I really wanted to get fall color inspiration and enjoy it before it fleeted away from us. Click here if you would like to learn more about Acres Land Trust.Thanks for enjoying it with me.

waterfalls and hollow trees


I couldn’t leave out the statues and interesting features that the garden provided me with. This is the cooling waterfall that the garden provided.This was in the tropics.


This lovely girl greeted everyone at the door.


A babbling brook in the foyer as I walked into the building.


I love the face on this tree. He was hollow so that kids could learn about the inside of a tree.


Just a pretty fountain surrounded by lovely flowers.


A garden statuary that resembles an egg with leaves.


A bamboo water feature in the garden.


The koi pond.


A bamboo staircase.


As I stepped out, this group was outside.


This lady was hiding upon the flowers. I love the lime green!! That’s it for the tour, hope your day pretty too.

is pretty


Book Review: Edith Kermit Roosevelt, Portrait of a First Lady by Sylvia Jukes Morris


I did an earlier post when I finished the first book of these three. I am now halfway into the second book titled Theodore Rex. Theodore Roosevelt is gone from his family for long periods of time, campaigning, living in New York City, going out west on hunting trips, and doing what public officials do during the late 1800’s and the first 10 years of the 1900’s. He has a large family and is away often. I wondered what Edith Roosevelt was like and if she minded these absences. I decided to find a book about her which is written by the wife of Edmund Morris, the author of the Theodore Roosevelt books.


I enjoyed this book immensely Not only did it give much description of Sagamore Hill. which I could see since we had visited there a few months ago in July, but it read like a story book and flowed easily. Edith was a very private person and she and Theodore burned their letters to each other at her urging. She and Theodore adored each other. She put up with his absences well until after he came back from the River of Doubt trip. They were both in their 50’s and she tried to get him to stay home with her but he didn’t get it because he had always done what he wanted. As the book put it, she had not kept a tight leash on him so why would it change. She decided that she just needed to accompany him instead. They were a great first family and she did many things for the White House. She revamped it and brought it back to it’s original glory. Started the white house china collection, Had the west wing built so that there would be a separation of the living quarters and the working quarters. Made the hall for the First Lady’s portraits. She really was devastated when Theodore died and a bit of her died also. I am sure she felt that she did not have enough time with him since he was gone so often. She lived to be in her eighties. After Theodore died she traveled much, went and bought a house of her ancestors to stay in the summertime. Did some speaking engagements. Spoke out against Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Theodore’s 5th cousin, but then they made up at how he handled WWII. She ran Sagamore Hill which was a working farm, paid the bills, took care of the children and Theodore when they were sick. Theodore had no sense of finances. Edith would give him $20.00 each day and when he came home at night he had no idea what he spent it on. Edith understood this highly active, highly intelligent man and knew that he needed to go on these trips. .


When Theodore died the book explained that they took him up the hill to Young’s Cemetery, which we visited. Here are their graves in that small, lovely, quaint cemetery. I give this book high recommendation if you are into history and learning about people. .


Shapes from the Botanical Gardens


What a perfect kind of tile to have in the bathroom of the botanical garden@


This flooring was in the foyer and I especially liked the designs on the dark tiles. It was quite pretty.


I don’t know what it is but I liked the shape of the emerging flower.


Here on the same plant is a new leaf coming out and getting ready to unfold.


The walkway to come out in the outside commons area.


I liked the Madagascar Dragon Tree.


The blond cactus in the desert area.


Circular Rose shaped succulent.


Spiky leaf shape was interesting.


This cylinder reminded me of a cigar.


A gourd that looks like a goose.


Gourds that resemble two animals kissing.


Worn steps in the tropics.


The size of this leaf compared to my hand.


Prickly cactus bush.


The kind of cactus this is always related to the dessert.


These are named pipe organ cactus. Lots of fun things to see!

A little decorating


We added these neat hooks to the bathroom wall recently. We never seemed to have enough places to hang towels. Tom works out about every morning and has to take his own towels and they come home damp and then we had them drying out here and there. This has taken care of the problem and is the perfect wall for it. When they are full, like they are now then it is time to do a load of wash.


Found these at Target and I am very pleased with them.


I wanted a nice colorful rug for the bathroom that picked up the colors around. I found this one at Ikea in Westchester Ohio. It is perfect and makes the room very cheery.


I also picked up this fun colorful rug at the same time. The buttons are cute. I rearrainged the sun room and made it very homey and warm looking.


The sun comes in this narrow window and can be blinding. I picked up some cute dishtowels that were just the right size. The edges are already sewn all I had to do was sew the two towels together.


Again at Ikea I picked up these little clips and rings and I already had a little spring tension rod and put it all together. It is a perfect solution to our problem!


The little towels have cute hedge hogs on them.


Lastly I had made a banner for my art booth, but then thought it might take away from the art so I decided not to use it. It fits perfectly at the dining room window and it looks festive all the time. I am going to recover the dining chairs seats and the fabric goes with the banner. It’s always fun to find items that add to the personality of a home. Hope you enjoyed.

Vivid Colors from the Botanical Garden


Today I decided to stop at the Botanical-Conservatory in Fort Wayne. I had not been to it in years. I ended up taking 99 pictures so I definitely was not disappointed. This post will just show the colors of the different plants that I got to enjoy.


I thought this leaf was gorgeous!


This was in the Japanese Garden.




Japanese umbrella


Poker Plant


Bird of Paradise in the Tropical Garden. I will share more later. Thanks for stopping. Oh and if you have a Botanical Garden in your area go and see it. It was time well spent.

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