Yummy Desserts


A couple of weeks ago I was asked to make some desserts for my niece Emily’s bridal shower. I found this fabulous recipe for lemon cookies and you need to know about it too. The special ingredients in this recipe is a little bit of cream cheese and cornstarch. These cookies also need to be refrigerated for at least 3 hours before baking. Here is my plate full of cookies going into the refrigerator.


I also made a no bake Oreo cheesecake and this is a crust that I made from scratch.


The finished product with dollops of whipped cream.


These are red velvet cupcakes.


The finished product with cherry chip frosting and a maraschino cherry dipped in chocolate.


The lemon cookies should stay on the baking pans until cooled. Then they get glazed with lemon zest added on the top.


Click here for the recipe. You will not be disappointed.


Art Show this weekend


This next Saturday, September 24th I will be showing at Art at the Riverside in Leo Indiana. The week leading up to an art show is just getting everything done that I can and making sure that everything is properly labeled. It is hard to sell if I don’t have a price tag on it. I am very excited about doing this show, all the feedback that I get says that it is really nice. Looking at the artists that will be showing looks like a really interesting group.


I am happy to say that I have almost given out my first group of 500 business cards and ordered a new set. It took me a year and a half and I was pleased to come to the bottom of the box.


I also ordered a certificate of authenticity to put in with all my prints. This says that they are all from my own original paintings and are archival which means that they won’t fade.


Here is my most recent work “We are the Same” and I got is scanned and entered into my Etsy shop. I always have ideas of what else I would like to get made but never make it because they really are too high to achive. I hope you come out to Leo at Art by the Riverside and support all of the artists. You will have a fun time, as of right now it looks sunny and 81 that day.


We are the same


I was able to do steady work on my second painting in my flowers series done on 18 X 24 canvas. This one will feature two geraniums side by side. I was looking at my three geraniums I have on my front porch on a rustic bench and decided I wanted to pattern this picture from them. Here I have chosen the papers to use, started cutting out the hand drawn petal and painted the canvas using Cerulean blue Chromium.


I painted it partially down because I am going to cover the bottom with some paper.


After I glued the paper down with heavy gel matte I also stenciled over it with titanium white. I glued the pots down with the heavy gell and then took a circle stencil and lightly drew circles for the placement of the flowers. I ran out of petals for the pink geranium and had to cut more.


Here they are all filled out and done for the day. Tomorrow will bring the leaves and however much further I get.

Tulips with watermark

This is the first painting in the series. I wanted spring to come in the worst of ways, so I did three big tulips. The quote is from Lucy Maude Montgomery, the author of Anne of Green Gables. It says, ‘That is one Good Thing About This World….There are Always sure to be More Springs.” So glad that you stopped by.


End of July Vacation


I am just tying up some loose ends with this post. I blogged my whole vacation except the last day on our way home. We left New York City and headed back to the same hotel that we stayed at on the way there. in Grove City PA because we liked it. It checked off all the boxes that I look for in a hotel. Comfy beds, a good breakfast that comes with the room. Easy to get to, plenty of parking, plenty of restaurants to choose from and the topper….it was clean and smelled good. I love Holiday Inn Express breakfast…..the abundant cinnamon rolls do it for me. Then Grove City had that outlet mall with that cute donut shop…click here for a review of that….I picked up six and had a hard time choosing, they were all cute. The donuts were small, but very, very tasty and were all the same flavor, it was the frosting that made them all different. They were a bit pricey but she had to pay for that building. The packaging was cute too. It’s gets and A plus.


The restaurant we ate at was a microbrew place and it was right across the parking lot of our hotel. We both got the fish sandwich and look at this honker! It was good and it also gets and A plus.


One happy man having a beer and eating his fish sandwich.


We are leaving NYC, driving down all the streets, heading toward the Lincoln Tunnel, that will take us into New Jersey. The Subway sign on the corner is not the Subway Sandwich Shop, it’s the stairway going down to get underneath the city. It is mind boggling what all is working underneath these streets! When I would see these signs I would think the sandwich shop because that is what I am used to but these are all over. I don’t know if we used this one or not to get somewhere, but I wouldn’t be surprised.


Of course the Macy’s of the Miracle on 34th Street. I didn’t go in Macy’s though we did walk by it many times. We have a Macy’s here in Fort Wayne that I love to shop at, so no need to fight the crowd.


I believe we were on 5th Avenue here, showing the shops and especially the big pretty pots of flowers. I saw nothing here that we didn’t have access to at home, either in Fort Wayne or Indianapolis.


Again the pretty pots in a different shape then before. I liked the bus lane which I thought was good, because having the buses stop in your lane really held up the traffic. This street just had a different atmosphere then some of the others that we were on.


Just lots of people, stores, you can see the street sign where we were at. We feel like since we have driven the streets of NYC we can drive anywhere, it was empowering! I loved seeing the buildings and the history that we have heard and seen so much about. I loved our neighborhood that our hotel was in back in Long Island City. We never felt uneasy even at midnight and eating breakfast at the delis and watching everyone walking to get to the train to go to work. I loved New York Harbor, ground zero, Hyde Park and Sagamore Hill,. Oyster Bay and of course the Billy Joel Concert at MSG! I was perplexed by the no eye contact when walking down the street and in the subway. So different from the midwest. I really disliked using the Lincoln Tunnel, I was very uneasy. There were so many stones left unturned, but I would be surprised if we ever go back because we just got enough of a taste of it. Two regrets, not stopping at St. Patricks Cathedral and also finding Billy Martins Grave but life will go on. Next July we will be making a trip to Maine and Acadia National Park. Thanks for going on vacation with me.


Check Out Artsy Shark

Wildflower Field with watermark

A few months back I had submitted some work to Artsy Shark. It is a site that promotes artists and their business. I was contacted that I would be included in a page that spotlights artists that celebrate nature. Today it was posted so I hoped that you might zip on over and take a look at all the great artists that were showcased in this. I submitted this mixed media piece that I finished recently named Wildflower Field. Click on this link and it will take you to that page. If you would be interested in a print of this painting go to my Etsy shop.  I had a customer purchase one this last weekend and it really is  pretty print that is uplifting and colorful.


I am also proud to tell you about this painting. I finished it in time to display it in in my art booth this last weekend at the Oakwood Fine Art Fair and I sold it! This was my first original to sell and it was so exciting! It is painted on a 36 X 36 canvas and it is named Harmony. There is a hidden in plain site insect in it. Can you find it? I also have added another art fair that will finish off 2016. It will be the Winterfair in Columbus, Ohio at the Ohio Expo and State Fair grounds. It will be three days, December 2nd through the 4th. Now that it is September, on Saturday the 24th, I will be putting up the tent at Art at the Riverside, located in Leo Gardens. So looking forward to being local, so come on out and say hi, it’s a very neat park. Click on the link and you will see all the talents that will be selling their art. Please like this post to get the word out.  Thanks so much!