Two Art Shows in a row


On August 20th I set up my booth in Greenwood Indiana at the Wammfest. We ran the whole of summer outdoor harsh weather, but we survived. Wamm means Wine, Art, Music and Microbrew. This is my lovely helper Theresa, who agreed to come along for her first art fair. The humidity was harsh upon set up. We went through many paper towels just wiping our faces of perspiration. The nice thing was that we could drive right up to the booth space and have the transit there the whole time. I like to be able to set up the night before and the booths were set up in a four square which was also nice because everyone had a corner. This picture was taken the next day after we hung everything.


For our dinner that night we chose Buca Di Beppo Italian Food. I loved their retro signage and the restaurant was quite good. You have to share because the portions are for 2 to 3 people on the lower end.


The windows looking like an Italian restaurant in an Italian village. Lots and lots of pictures on the walls and it was larger than I expected it to be.


More retro signage. We were so warm and our clothes were so wet that the air conditioning made us cold. The food was filling and great and we came away revived a bit.


The day of the festival called for rain showers off and on. We actually looked forward to the rain and not the sun because of the humidity and when the sun came out it was smothering. During the rains the tent held up beautifully. At one point around 4 or 5 o’clock the Greenwood police came around and told us a severe storm was coming and we would be welcome to leave, but with our good weights we decided to stay as none of the veteran artists were packing up. We would not have been able to get everything put away by that time. It ended up that the storm broke up and we just had some rain. This picture is just showing the animals that people bring. It would have been a nicer walk had it not been so warm.


The booth across from us, lots of words but I really liked the coat of armor.


Another dog, this tent that you cannot see inside of made leather goods. Especially leather journals with nice paper inside.


This artist had very pretty glass items that she made. When the storm came she zipped up her tent and took advantage of the down time to take a nap.


This woman came into the booth and I had to ask her to take a picture of her leg. She was obviously a big Wizard of Oz fan and had this tatooed all around her leg.


She said that it took 100 hours.


Amazing work! The leather journals were flying off the shelf, the jewelry maker beside us said that her sales were really down from the year before and I am sure that had to do with the uncertainty of the weather. The bands were fantastic, the promoters were great, the crowd was also really nice but I think they were there for the music and drinks more for the art, especially my art. I sold very little, but got a lot of good feedback. I don’t plan to attend this one again but it was a very well put together festival.


The next weekend, August 27th, we set up the booth at the Oakwood Resort in Syracuse Indiana on lake Wawasee. It was not a big show, 38 artists, but they were all very good artists. You could tell that the community supported the arts and made it out to the show even though it did rain. We really had about an hours down time from 11 am to 12 pm. Sales were doing well up to that time. It rained hard enough that we had to put all the sides down on the tent. It was warm to set up on friday evening, but not as warm as Greenwood was. They were generous with the booth size placement also. It was set up in an event area along a meandering path. My sister and I set up the tent the night before and then put the pictures up again the next day. Here I am the morning before the show started.


We decided to have our meals at the resort and sat outside for the evening meal on friday night, this was our view. The only problem was the darn august bees.


Topped off my fancy mac and cheese meal with some very tasty cheesecake. It takes a lot out of you to set up a tent in the heat. You need nourishment!


Morning sky on Lake Wawasee.


Another pretty one I had to share.


The beach at the Oakwood Resort, our room window was on the third floor. The inside was so well lighted and lovely. It was a treat to stay there.


This is the S.S. Lilypad, people were dressed up and boarding for an evening cruise, possibly dinner we think. This was also the view from our room. We were so fortunate!


Here is a morning sunrise picture, just delightful! We had their Saturday buffet for breakfast and that sustained us through the day until we were on our way home.


Our sunny room and my helper was my lovely sister Linda. I have a very fondness for the Oakwood Art Fair, it was my best so far. It was not big but the people who came out were wonderful. There was music, and things going on for the kids. The bathrooms were easily accessible and clean! Good food items and wine to taste and buy. Linda picked up a bottle of “Cruisin Concord” from the Tippy Creek Winery and I look forward to drinking it. Each show I learn new things at and the artists are so nice, an experience I wouldn’t want to miss.


Book Review: The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt


Recently I finished the first book that Edmund Morris wrote about Theodore Roosevelt. There are two others following his life. This book was in depth and it was obvious that the author did much research. The Prologue starts on January 1, 1907 and describes Theodore Roosevelt as President. People stand in line to shake his hand in front of the White house. He has a great sense of humor and a wonderful laugh. He loves being President and uses the word Dee-lightful often. He is a very courteous, kind and respectful person. He loves children, physical activity and his White House is very interesting to say the least. He was born on Octobert 27, 1858, his mother Mittie was from the south and was described as “such loveliness of line and tinting…such sweet courtesy of manner. His father, Theodore Roosevelt Senior was 27 years old, handsome, wealthy, gregarious and philanthropist. He loved and helped humanity and Theodore Roosevelt said he was the best man he every knew. This book starts at his birth and ends with the assassination of President William McKinley whom Theodore at that moment was the Vice President. When I was at Sagamore Hill I was speaking with a Ranger and said I was reading these books and he said that he had not because it seemed like a daunting task.He said he reads other literature but he would know TR so much better.   I recommend them if you love history. I am especially enjoying them because Teddy was born in New York city and it mentions many of the streets we were on and of course Oyster Bay. I look forward to moving on to book number two.

Sagamore Hill


Today we hopped on to the Long Island Expressway thinking that it would be smooth sailing to Oyster Bay, especially since we were on an interstate. No such luck my friends. There are so many people that the speed limit is 55 mph. What would have taken 25 minutes at home took over an hour to get to our destination. Never the less, I was thrilled to get here.


Generally tickets to tour Sagamore Hill can be purchased online for the day that you will be visiting. I tried that and they were sold out so we didn’t get inside. I still loved being there though. When I am at places like this I just stop and think that Teddy Roosevelt built this home, designed it and raised his family here. It was called the Summer White House. He really loved Sagamore Hill and I can understand why. This is the porch he would stand on and give his speeches.


This is the field that people would come and stand in to listed to his speeches.


Family words that are carved about a doorway. I found them in the cemetery also.


Decoration on the house.


Cloeup of the details of the house.


This tree had been planted by the Roosevelt Family.


Big Tree with the roots growing up and out.


Full length of the tree, this is also where the family pulled up and got out of the carriage.


Another side of the house.


This addition was added later and was Teddy’s library.


Edith Roosevelt would come out and sit in the Arbor where it was coolier.


The Arbor near the pet cemetery.


We then went to the town cemetery where Teddy and Edith are buried. Tom and I like cemetery’s, we think they are very interesting.


Lots of greenery and very well taken care of. It was just a quaint small local cemetery. Teddy died at the age of 60.


Pretty black wrought iron fence. It was so pretty and pleasant there.


We were going to go to Fire Island national seashore but just didn’t want to fight the traffic. I am always impressed with the skyline of New York City. It was a fun day making good memories. Thanks for stopping.

Madison Square Garden


July 20th, the whole reason why we made a trip to New York City. It’s finally here, I had purchased the tickets in January. We are here in front of  Madison Square Garden……or the Gawwwwden as I have heard it referred to. The show time was 8 p.m. and it was about 7:20 at the time. Again like every where else in NYC the crowd is abundant. We have met up with our friends the Rauchs and made our way down that hallway that you see straight ahead.


The crowd, it was the nicest crowd I had every been with. No pushing, no shoving, no complaining. I think the people of New York get a bad rap, everyone we met was so nice and helpful. We came away with fantastic memories. We get through the gate and get to our seats at 8:20 and Billy started right as we had sat down.


I loved our seats, this was our view. We were behind the stage in the second section with seats 1,2,3,and 4. I was lucky because no one had purchased the seat beside me. Once the show started I had happy tears for the first couple of songs I was so excited. I absolutely loved the show. I have the piano man video but I cannot get it to upload right now. It’s my favorite when the crowd joins in. It brings chills up and down my back. Thank You Billy Joel for a wonderful show July 20, 2016. The only problem we had that night was the train that we wanted to take back toward our hotel had stopped running.  All the stops they suggested taking,  I didn’t know and it was getting near midnight, so we ended up finding a taxi back to our hotel. We thought that man was a miracle worker and it only cost $22.00 with a $10.00 tip.  Money well spent! We were expecting it to be much more.

Work in Progress


Here I started a new painting on a 36 X 36 gallery stretched canvas. It is mixed media and I wanted to make the backgrounds interesting and block it off to give it space. I used pretty much some neutral tones. Blues in various tones were definites that I wanted to use. Right now this looks like a patchwork quilt but it won’t end up that way. It is all in the building process.


Here is my work in progress. I had to stop for the day and pick it up tomorrow. On the 20th of August I will be heading to Greenwood Indiana for the Wammfest to participate in their art fair. The information is on my homepage on the right side. This will be a good addition to my gallery. I haven’t done a show since Kalamazoo in August and I am looking forward to it. Thanks for stopping!

New York City


Busy, Busy Busy Times Square.


Media overload


Loved the button and needle sculpture in the fashion district.


Everywhere you went in Central Park they were showing you prices to ride the carriage or the bicycle or the ric-shaw. One man followed me across the street trying to talk us into this.


Central Park is very large and we just touched the edge of it due to time constraints. It was neat to see all the people and what they were doing. This person had the back open on her top for sunbathing. Then was leaning over on the front.


People on their phones, people picnicking, others were laying on the grass and snoozing.


Trump tower is across the street from Central Park.


This was in the middle of a round a bout I believe.


Statue in Central Park.


This was just down from where we ate lunch.


The Ed Sullivan Theater. This was on Broadway.We ate at Angelo’s Pizza….it was very good!


To prove we were there.


This is called an Oculous by the World Trade Center Memorial. It is going to be a transportation hub for the city of New York. Here is an article about it.


Looks like they were painting it.


World Trade Center Memorial Pools. It was very moving thinking back to the pictures from 2001 and how terrifying it was. Here is a video that explains the memorial pools.


Walking up West Street towards the 911 memorial is busy, busy, busy. 6 lanes of traffic, tall buildings. This looks like apartments to me and we were amazed at the trees growing on top of the building. Very interesting. So this ends our day in New York City. It was warm, we feel that we have the subways down pat now. But we were going back to our hotels for a nap because tonight is the Billy Joel concert!

DSC_0370 DSC_0356 DSC_0355 DSC_0354

New Picture in Etsy Shop

Wildflower Field with watermark

The other day Wildflower Field was finished and scanned and ready to put in my Etsy Shop. I also submitted it to Artsy Shark where it will be included in an article about artists that create with nature coming out later in the year.


Wildflowers grow freely in fields or in shaded forests. They draw butterfly’s and birds of which I have added to the painting. This I did on black paper and then painted in the different colors. It has landed on a textured sweet clover.


The little blue butterfly that has landed on a stem.


The partial sun done with torn paper and oil paintstiks.


Yellow flowers with the stigma raised with modeling paste and acrylic paint. The texture came from using a skewer. Wildflowers are so free and the quote that I used from poet Susan Polis Shutz-Let Us Dance in the Sunshine with Wildflowers in Our Hair to make us feel free and enjoy nature. A print can be purchased in my Etsy Shop for $25.00 plus shipping. The print size is 9 X 14 and is printed on Epson Photo Paper Luster.

Battery Park


Battery Park is on the very bottom tip of Manhattan. We got off the subway and as we emerged from the station we were met with tourist guides helping people find their way around to buy tickets on the Staten Island Ferry or the Ferry to go out to the Statue of Liberty. We didn’t want to ride any of them I just wanted to go to the waterfront and see Lady Liberty and look out at the picture that I had always seen. It was a sunny, calm day on the waterfront and it was just beautiful. Here she is in all her glory and I loved just seeing it and watching all that was going on in the Harbor. Here is a Wikipedia about Battery Park, it gives the history of it. I had read The Glorious Cause by Jeff Sharra and it talks a lot about The Battery and New York Harbor in The Revolutionary War and I loved being there.


A picture of Ellis Island where the immigrants were checked in. The Ellis Island that we learned about in school. Such history right in front of me.


A look at the harbor, sailboats on the water along with tugboats and ferry’s.


Staten Island Ferry a very noticeable orange color.


Ferry coming back from the Statue of Liberty.


Our friends, Dave and Nancy and Tom waiting patiently for me to get finished taking pictures.


The World Trade Center is only four blocks at the most from here. I was standing in the park and took this picture of Freedom Tower to show how close the area was. Imagine being in the park on 9/11 and looking up to see the Towers on fire and falling. A horrifying scene in person. It was bad enough on television.


A picture of a park in New York would not be finished if I failed to give you pictures of the homeless napping on the park benches.


World War II memorial.


Splash Pad


 This was in the courtyard of the World Trade Center.


These next pictures are of sculptures that were in the park, we passed them before we started walking to the ground zero site.


We came away with a much nicer view of New York than we went in. Our hotel was in Long Island city in a neighborhood. We ventured out to walk to the train and ate breakfast in deli’s looking out on the street just watching everyone walking. You don’t make eye contact but they will certainly help you if you ask. It was a great experience and we loved it! Next chapter…..The sites of New York City.

DSC_0348 DSC_0349