And she had a rainbow zebra


This last week I looked way out into the field behind us and saw two little animals moving around. With a better look I could see they were baby racoons foraging around for something to eat. My goodness they are so cute.


The baby geese are growing so fast too. I just get a kick out them staying in a bunch.


My sister Linda and I were selling her baked goods at the Auburn Farmers Market this week again. The city of Auburn had a really nice display observing Memorial Day.


Each time we come they have added more flowers to the courthouse square.


Not so many dogs this weekend attending the Farmers Market. This Labradoodle was greeting everyone she could get to. My sister had made dog and cat treats. This dog took one and wasn’t quite sure about it.


This little guy in his bright orange shirt was a joy to watch. He was busy all the time.


Here this black squirrel was getting bolder by the minute. He stopped halfway down the tree for a photo moment.


This woman kindly let me take a picture of her lunar phases tattoo.


This woman so generously let me take a picture of her cute haircut. Front view.


Back view


side view. Thank you so much for your generosity!


This is Miss Liberty and her colorful Zebra picture on her shirt caught my eye. She most kindly posed for my picture and had sample all of our cookies. The peanut butter ones got the thumbs up.


We were sitting under this tulip tree and I received the leaves and flower.


When driving home we came across this beautiful diplay of patriotism. We had to get out for some photos. This was just a piece of it. Thinking of our fallen soldiers….Happy memorial Day!

Left to your own interpretation


I was helping my sister Linda with her baked goods business at the Auburn Indiana Farmers Market today. It is on the square in front of the courthouse. They have added some sculptural art. I have heard many people say that they don’t like the modern sculptural art and I agree that it is hard to interpret.  I see it that there has to be some kind of physics involved when designing it because it takes much vision and thinking to keep this from falling apart, how is it being held to the ground with only three pieces touching?  This one also at the top where the red dot is, will move with the wind. I think it looks like a person walking and as the piece moves at the top they are observing the world around them.


 A beautiful arrangement of flowers planted in big pots.


Such intricate carving around the clock.


Pretty purple flowers, not sure if they are a form of phlox.


I don’t know her name but she is one of the vendors. Her father in law has a greenhouse in Michigan and she has been selling the plants every week. They look so healthy and she said she would bring her card next week so I can let you know.


A little walk to the Cupbearer Cafe, and I come across this interesting light fixture.


I thought this wall sign was very neat.


Signs pointing the way. We understand as the weather gets warmer the vendors become more abundant.


This family was using the sculpture as a photo opportunity.


Many dogs were taking their walks. My sister is going to make dog treats for them next time.


Love the look of determination in her face. She picked up some pretty plants.


These colors are really, really, nice!


This gentleman stopped by to talk about baked goods.


Two more dogs are taking their owners for a walk.


I believe he has spotted something!!


This little guy and his brother were so busy.


Let’s go Mom!!


I kept missing his flip flops.


He is deciding on his next move.


Auburn Indiana, the classic car capitol of the Midwest.


Such a beautiful display of tomatoes from Georgia.


This little squirrel was busy hiding his nuts.


Fabulous hanging baskets.



Babies and Lilacs


Today is just one of those perfect spring days. A little breeze, a sky full of sunshine, green trees, green grass, and the scent of lilacs wafting through the air.


We have baby birds on each side of our house. This was the nest of the house finches a couple of days ago. Looks like there are only two babies left of the 4 that I could detect. They are fully feathered and fill up the nest.


Now the nest today is truly empty. They are out under their mother and fathers watchful eyes, but I am sure they must be in the vicinity.


Then behind us we have the two families of geese. Today has been very enjoyable to watch them. They take a glide around the pond, not straying far from their parents. Then they go up on the bank and plop down on the grass. One of the parents go down to the edge and call them down to take a drink. They come up on the grass and start eating….whatever it is….and they hear a noise and in synchronization turn and run to mom. It’s a treat to watch these babies.


Baby robin, hoping that mom will bring back a juicy worm or is it thinking it is time to take flight. It is certainly standing tall there on the edge of the nest.


The wonderful smelling lilac bush and we have another in the front of the garage. It is putting on a good show this year.


Mother robin, chirp, chirp, chirping at me. She is a busy lady keeping an eye on everything. BTW, I did see her with a big fat juicy worm in her mouth. A mothers work is never done. Hope you are enjoying your spring too.

After the art show (2)


Wyoming Ohio is a suburb of Cincinnati. It is made up of many large old homes that have been well taken care of. This beautiful lady I was so lucky to have my booth space right in front of.


I loved the wreath on her door and there are wonderful foxglove growing in the landscaping. It was all so well kept and breathtaking and it was like this all through the town.


The art fair was held on just one street and all the vendors were on both sides. There were many, many wonderful things to see and to learn. The veteran artists were very helpful to the newbies and I have added a step stool to my list of items to take. along with tie wraps and clips little things like that. Here I had popped out of my booth to snap a photo to show you what it is like. When I took a walk I was impressed with the different and neat art that was invited to the show.


Here is my booth along with my helper, our cousin Margaret. She was so kind with her hospitality and directions around the area. My booth building process went better than the last time but I still need more practice till I get it down pat. Next year I hope to come back to Wyoming.  They had everything organized really well, sent the information in a timely manner.  They made arrangements to have lunch delivered to the artists and sent a boxed dinner home with us. I also learned about submitting artwork for competition and also that they judge your overall booth.  There is money that can be earned.  Once I get the art of building my tent in a timely manner things will go much, much smoother. 


I love the Trimline Flourish Company Tent. It was a breezy, cooler day and we eventually shut the back door to keep the breeze out. The new weights worked well and the tent did not even budge. We had 4- 40 pound weights totaling 160 pounds. It was not a prosperous show, but what I am learning and networking with people and customers is helping me so much to make my little gallery a success. By participating in many different shows possibly people will become collectors of my uplifting art. I have customers ask for my card so I look forward to it on my horizon. Thank you for stopping in today.


So Much to Tell!


This picture was last Saturday May 7th in Auburn Indiana. It was the first Farmers Market Day and I was there helping my sister Linda sell her baked goods. We got an early start because we didn’t want to miss anything in case it was going to be packed. We arrived at 6:30 a.m. and had to check to see if we were at the wrong area. There was not a soul there. We had our pick of the spots.


Here she had all of her tasty baked goods all ready to sell. Tables up, signs up, and we are on it. Other vendors did show up but just a handful. I am sure it will grow as the weeks go on. I will be helping her often and she will be there almost every Saturday with freshly baked goods. It was a good day and people bought and appreciated her scones, bagels, breads and pies.


Our geese families made their debut out on the pond. There are quite a few goslings and I just love to watch them.  I am an animal lover, especially babies.


Swimming away and staying close to Mom and Dad.


Tuesday was a big day, because I got to see my new Transit Connect pull in on the Car Carrier. It was the last stop, and it was the lone ranger on the truck. I love it, love it, love it. It rides well and is going to be so handy for traveling to my art fairs.


Race Red is the color, and it makes me smile when I look at it. I am sure I am smiling when I’m driving also.


It came at just the right time….actually we were a little worried and had plan B in case it didn’t. I will be showing my art at the Art Fair in Wyoming Ohio, which is down by Cincinnati on Sunday May 15th. Please click this link to view the web site. My information says there will be 190 artists.


If you come to visit and see a Red Transit Connect you know you are in the right place. There are not too many around that look like this. We were saying at the dealership, this vehicle has been on a cruise, on a train and a car carrier. It’s logged a lot of miles from Spain, but when it came off the truck it only had 5 miles on the odometer. (I did say that I loved this didn’t I?) 🙂


My sweet bleeding hearts are blooming. Somehow I lost two plants though. I used to have three. That happens sometimes.


Look at these Johnny Jump-ups now, are they not the bomb. I just love them too!


My new geraniums have good buds on them and are starting to bloom. That rustic bench was a good investment. It looks really nice on our porch.


The cats like the cat grass that I have growing. These were old seeds that I had, so the grass is not full and lush. Good enough to chew on though.


They pull it out and make of bit of a mess, easy enough to clean up though. It makes me happy seeing them enjoy it.


Alas, the newest picture taken today of the baby house finches. Mother has a full nest to say the least of birds and poo! Will have to get the hose out when they are all grown and flown the nest. Mother Robin is too high or I would have liked to get a picture inside her nest also. I had a really nice Mothers Day Sunday with my family. It was such a beautiful day. I hope your week is bringing you a lot of interesting and fun things to talk about. Thanks for stopping!

Wearing the paint brush out


My first outdoor art fair of the season is next weekend, May 15th. I am working diligently to get as many paintings done as possible. I started two new ones today. They are in the very early stages. I love the colors in the wide one. It looks like a sky, ocean and beach….but it is not. They are very soothing colors.


Can you see the tulip? Check back for the finished products. Have a beautiful weekend, it’s going to be here.

Summer Garden Painting


When I start a painting I usually just have the basic idea first. I draw it in the sketchbook first to see if that idea works at all. I knew I wanted to do swirly flowers and a grey and white background on a 24 X 24 inch stretched canvas.


I then just walk by it for a couple of days to decide what I want to do next. I knew I needed to add some different flowers with various types of leaves.



Summer Garden without watermark

Then again I just walk by the easel for a day or two deciding what else I want. In this case it was dandelions with floating seeds a dragonfly, grasshopper and a quote by Heinrich Heine. This Summer Garden is alive with activity,and will make a happy addition on someones wall. A print of this can be purchased in my Etsy Shop.