Super Hero Jesus

Superhero Jesus with watermark

This is a watercolor painting that I did 8 years ago in my first and only watercolor class in college. The assignment was to do a superhero. I chose to depict Jesus as the original superhero. This class was the last that the Professor Maury Papier taught before his retirement, and it made me fall in love with the medium. I have learned much since that class 8 years ago and continue on that journey. Sometimes I believe I will make another that will hopefully be considerably more polished but I feel this one has a certain charm about it and I am going to put it in my Etsy shop if anyone would want an archival print of it. I love his face and intense eyes, hair and peace sign belt buckle and I think he looks good in white boots. A whole different take on the original superhero. Hope you have a wonderful week and as always, thanks for checking in.



That is the name of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that I am using to paint a table that I am going to have in my Art Fair Booth.


This is the table that I am going to paint. I love the little drop ends. This was my Mother-in-Laws table and it has many worn spots and rings on the top. It needed some love.


Here are the worn spots to show that it did need some attention.


I have the drawer out and the drawer pulls off for easy painting.


I have to tell you that it was very easy paint to use. The only preparation that is needed on the furniture is to clean it with a mild soap. No sanding, no stripping, it was great. The complete first coat of paint gets applied, then a watered down second coat gets applied after the first coat drys. Then when the second coat is dry a coat of clear wax was applied, very easy to do. I would suggest finding YouTube videos to help understand the best way to apply the wax. It was helpful for me. This picture was right after the first coat was applied. The lines of the brush disappear when it drys.


Cleaned up brushes lying on a paper towel to dry.


Here is my finished table and I really, really like it! It is a fun color that will add interest to my booth. I distressed the edges a little bit also. I have a couple of furniture pieces from my Mother that have rings and spots on the top and I believe I will paint those also, I am thinking of a distressed white. That’s a little bit down the road though. There are other chalk paints out on the market and I don’t know how well they work but I recommend Annie Sloan and there are such yummy colors. Let me know what you think, did you like my color? Thanks for stopping.


hung up


We found some time so that Tom could hang the Red Poppies picture with the Crow up. I made it especially for this area. I am very pleased with the way it looks. It is just the right size.


The green background picks up the color in the side tables and the red picks up the pillows and the cardinal picture and other items I have in our room. Smaller prints of this picture can be found in my Etsy Shop… Have a great Sunday!

Art Fairs 2016

2016 Elkhart art fair poster resized

I have applied to several art fairs this year and they are starting to notify me whether I have been accepted or not. You have to apply and upload usually 3 or 4 high quality images and send in a small application fee to pay for the judging. In march I will be participating in Elkhart at the For the Love of Art show. This is an indoor show so I won’t be using the top part of my new tent. Tom and I put it up a couple of weeks ago and it will just be something that I will have to get used to doing. Click here to go to the website. Click here for the facebook page.   Then this week I was notified that I got accepted into the Kalamazoo Institute of Art Fair on June 3rd and 4th. When I hear from others and hopefully get accepted I will put it on my webpage. It’s all very exciting. Thanks for stopping.



Sharing layer one of my owl mixed media painting, just the shapes right now. In front of the moon is a great horned owl, you can just see the shape. Next comes a snow owl, then a barn owl, a sweet little saw whet owl. At the bottom a burrowing owl with the baby in the burrow. Keep checking back for progress, this is really going to be a fun picture to put together! Hope you think it is interesting and as always….thank you for checking in.

new sketches


Working on different owls to put into a mixed media painting. I think owls are fascinating. Here I am working more on size and deciding how I am going to place feathers and not so much on minute details.


Same thing here, burrowing owls and a snow owl.


Possible placement on the painting, nothing is set in stone just ideas.


Starting out with a blue and black textured 18 X 24 canvas. Hope to have it finished this week. As Always, thank you for stopping!

Amaryllis Vandal


Just four days ago this is what the plant was looking like. Just about ready to show off. I was waiting with great anticipation!


I walked through the room and found it on the floor with the dirt spilled out. Picked it all up and put it back together. Situated it so it wouldn’t fall and the next day I found it on the floor again! This time the bud and the flower broke off.


So I resorted to putting it back up on the fireplace and propped it against the TV until I had time to attend to it. This was not the ideal place but I figured out that a furry someone was bothering this lady plant. If the company was going to sell amaryllis on the “juice” they needed to include larger pot.


This morning I went in search of a stick in the very cold garage and a pipe cleaner. Here is one of the flowers that survived, it’s a beauty for sure.


Here she is all propped up with her new stick and pipe cleaner along with a drink of water. It is now standing tall on the fireplace.


I believe it was Sophie the calico who is the vandal. I saw her walking by and eyeballing the plant, trying to figure out how to get to it. I first thought it was Pavel the white cat because he is quiet but ornery and was walking around it…..we call him Eddie Haskell…..for those of you who know Leave it to Beaver. These two are always wrestling……there are times when you just can’t have anything nice! Hope you have a great Saturday!


What’s Your Choice?

Red Poppies with watermark

Both these prints are available in my Etsy shop in a 7 X 7 size. Similar but yet different…Red Poppies vs Burgundy Poppies. Acrylic paint vs wallpaper. Crows but done with different papers. Green background vs yellow green background.

Burgundy Poppies with watermark

Stenciled paint vs stenciled molding paste. Both would be a nice addition to a wall arrangement. A nice pop of color for sure. Which do you like the best? Let me know and thanks for stopping!

Love Red


I just received this lovely red apple baker pottery. I love pottery and and especially if it is red. This will make baked apples taste so good!


My sister Linda got these hand blown glass paint brushes during a trip to Nashville, Indiana. It is made by the Lawrence Family Glass Blowers, Inc. Click here for the website. I just think they are absolutely beautiful! She also gave me the red mug to display them in. I put holes in tissue paper and also positioned some around each brush so that they are in steady.


I just love these Charley Harper stickers that came with my calendar. The red cardinal really catches my eye. I put these on envelopes that I mail.


My arrangement for valentines day and winter.


My finished red poppies painting. It will be going above our bed. The saying says: Crow calls to awaken you to your true soul purpose….To remind you to follow your heart. This is a Native American Proverb and it is how I feel. Follow your heart to be happy. I will be scanning this and making it available as an 8 X 8 print in my Etsy Shop tonight. The original size of this painting is 36 X 36. I am really pleased with this painting. The green is the perfect color to go with our bedside tables and the red just pops. I also love all the texture. Be creative and thanks for stopping!

It flopped over


I am reposting this picture from January 28th, so you can compare the growth in 10 days.


I took this picture today and I had to move the plant near the wall because it had fallen over. I decided it would need something to lean against. It’s like it is on steroids! I don’t think it will be long until it blooms. I think it is amazing, how fast it grew. The ladies in the picture are my grandmother and great grandmother.