evening sky


Such a pretty late afternoon sky. I love it that the days are growing longer now.


I would have liked to get the sun setting but I didn’t want to venture too far from the house out in the street. It was chilly outside. The reddish clouds are fabulous! I am so drawn to a pretty sky.

growing by leaps


This was taken last monday, january 18th. It was starting to grow nicely.


Here is a little different angle. I did notice someone had been playing in the potting soil though, if you look in the upper left corner. So I had to move it to the fireplace mantle.


Here it is 10 days later, much taller with a baby sprouting up the side. I am very impressed with this and it is really nice to have something growing during these winter months!


On this last tuesday the 26th I made my way to ArtLink. They had three different shows going on. One was a postcard show for a fundraiser for ArtLink. I picked up this charming etching by Paul Demarre. It just had everything I liked, the little bicycle, the tree, the flowers. It was very charming. I also wanted to see if the postcard that I submitted had made it there and it had. I am mad at myself though for not taking pictures from the other shows. It would have added to my blog post for sure.


Here is Mackie the labradoodle that I did on a 3 X 5 illustration board done in graphite. I had not done a postcard show before and enjoyed looking a learning how others sent their cards in. All of them had to be sent through the mail like a real post card. The post office clerk was funny because I was also sending a hand painted rock through the mail in an envelope so she had a few unusual items to figure out how to cost. I was happy with my Mackie drawing and thought I picked up her eyes pretty well, faces are important. That’s it for now, thanks for checking in!

Burgundy Poppies


I finished a painting to sell in my art fair booth this year. It is mixed media with 6 different mediums used I included my signature red heart with splatters.


Molding paste tinted with acrylic paint. I love texture.


A crow cut out of vintage wallpaper with paper pieced wings and legs.


A drooping bud made with molding paste along with a stencil in various parts of the canvas.


Paper pieced poppy petals. Acrylic paint is in the middle.


The painting is on a 36 X 36 inch canvas.


A perfect Native American Proverb to go with the art. It is exactly how I feel….Always follow your heart. I am excited and optimistic about my maiden voyage into the Art Fair Scene. My first fair is March 12th and I have applied to 5 more so far. I have received my new tent though I have not opened the boxes yet. It has been cold out in the garage. I also received the two directors chairs that I ordered. Very happy with them because they are lightweight, durable and comfortable. Thanks so much for stopping by.



For my birthday in December my sister in law, Ellen, gave me this Amaryllis bulb to grow. I had always looked at these but never picked one up and I am really looking forward to having this bloom.


Here I am showing this very compressed peat moss that I had to add two cups of water to. Once it soaked up the water it filled up the pot. It was so full I had to take some out to get the bulb in and then pack it back around the bulb.


The directions say in May I will be able to plant this in the ground and then take it out again in September. It also says it will bloom in 8 to 10 weeks. I will keep you updated.

Follow the River


I was speaking with a lady the other day who was reading the new Mitch Albom book. If you have been following this blog through the years you will recall that I am a huge lover of books so anytime someone is reading a book, it always catches my eye to see what the title is. She and I really got into a conversation about authors we like and topics we like to read about. It was a nice talk for sure. She recommended this book to me and I went home and downloaded it onto my kindle app. It was every bit as good as she explained. The reviewers loved it also and said they could not put it down from the first page. I got it on Friday and finished it on Saturday afternoon. It is a true, historical story of the pioneers and the Indians. It is the story of Mary Ingeles who was a young 23 year old with a husband and 2 young sons and she was nine months pregnant. Their peaceful village was raided by Shawnee Indians and she was captured along with her two sons and sister in law. Her mother had been scalped and many others were killed. Her husband and brother had been working in the fields and missed the raid but they did see the smoke from the burning of the cabins and got there in time to see his wife and sons being taken away. The year was 1755 and the place was Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. That is where their captivity started and they were following the rivers up to the Ohio River and ended up at Big Bone Salt Lick in Kentucky. Mary gave birth on the trail, set her sister in laws broken arm and soon after giving birth of a little baby girl had to get back on a horse to move on, all the while bleeding profusely. She had the where with all to try to observe landmarks for her journey back when she would plan to escape to go back to her husband. Because she seemed like such a strong woman the chieftain started admiring her and that gained her preferential treatment. She kept track of the days by tying knots in a belt and it was a long hard journey until they reached the Shawnee camp. The chieftain wanted to take her as his own but she refused this and eventually he took her two sons away and sold her to French Traders to work for them and sew shirts for trading. A German woman had also been captured in Pennsylvania and brought to the Shawnee camp which in present day would be at the influx of the Ohio River and the Scioto River in southern Ohio, near Portsmouth. Since winter was coming the French traders decided that they needed salt to cure the food for the coming winter. They took the women and other indians to go to the salt lick, this is where Mary and the German women were able to leave and start their 1000 mile journey along the river back to their civilization. Like I mentioned before, this is a true story and is documented to have happened. You will be thankful for your warm bed and abundant food after you finish this book. I highly recommend it. Please let me know what you think after you read it. Thanks for stopping!

Big Magic


Recently I finished this book written by the author of Eat, Pray Love….Elizabeth Gilbert. It was about living your creative life and not being afraid to do it. I thought it had some very valid points like to be creative one needs to be curious. It opens up a pathway to creativity. Don’t complain, no one is making you be creative, it should be done with a free and open heart. It is not easy or everyone would be doing it. Plus complaining scares away inspiration. By saying you delight in your work draws inspiration near. Be persistent, keep on trying. It doesn’t have to be perfect just start doing it. Be courageous because fear is boring. I especially liked this paragraph on page 27, And you have treasures hidden within you-extraordinary treasures-and so do I, and so does everyone around us. And bringing those treasures to light takes work and faith and focus and courage and hours of devotion, and the clock is ticking, and the world is spinning, and we simply do not have time anymore to think so small. In another chapter on trust, she was talking about your work loving you. This chapter was a bit deep for me. I couldn’t totally wrap my mind around her point. I will have to go back and revisit this chapter. On the whole I did enjoy this book about living the creative life. Having permission to go ahead and just do it.


Here is my most recent mixed media painting. It is 36 X 36 on gallery wrapped canvas. Thanks for stopping.


studio organization


I don’t know about you but I just can’t work well with my work area chaotic and messy. During the busy time of the Christmas season things become very jumbled in my studio. Sunday I just drove in and started throwing away, putting away and all around organizing it into a wonderful work area again where I can get work done. This is a great storage space and I had to reevaluate what I actually used and what could be moved. So it went from this…..


To this……I can now see what I have at my fingertips.


My high work desk was just piled and I could not use it at all. I was uncovering some very good treasures. Here it is in the beginning….


So much better!


My computer desk and where I like to watercolor paint and also sew. I won’t get any of that done in this state.


It is enjoyable to sit here again. I have many plans and my first art show of the season is in March in Elkhart IN at the RV convention center. I am getting the paint brushes warmed up and ready to spread the paint. It’s nice to have a good working studio. Thanks for checking in on me.


New Year Goals


I am slowly getting my Christmas decorations down and I have gone through my Christmas goodies,putting some away and piling the rest on my chair. It’s anticipation of slowly enjoying my bounty, knowing it is there and seeing it. I also got some money and I just have it on my desk in a pile and not really having an idea of what I am going to do with it. I just like the idea that I have money in a pile and I am not broke. It is really a great feeling. I have also piled my goodies on my chair because somebody in the house has decided the likes my chair also and I keep finding his behind on it. This is to deter this person from sitting on it even if it stops me too. All in good time, I don’t want him to get the idea that it is ok to sit there. This chair sits up fairly straight, is not too big and has a nice ottoman, it is Mama Bears Chair. But enough about that, I am sure you understand.


I have been thinking about my goals that I would like to accomplish in 2016. I started to write them down and decided that it was a to do list and that wasn’t it. It had to be deeper. So I dug a little deeper and this is what I came up with. GOAL NUMBER ONE…To participate in 1 to 2 art fairs per month starting in March. So that brings up this picture. This is going to be my new Art Van. I have it on order and it is called a Ford Transit Connect. I was using a Ford F150 and it was too hard to pack and unpack. It was too high. I will be selling my Explorer and this will be my vehicle. It will only be a two seater and the whole back will be cargo space, plenty of room to travel to art fairs. I am very excited about it….it is coming from Spain where it is manufactured.


I will be ordering a very nice tent called a trimeiine by the Flourish Company. It will have mesh sides to so that I can add hooks to hang my work.


The tent will also have zip sides to be able to close it up .

director chair

All the information that I read says to have a directors chair. That way I can be eye to eye with my customers. I will be ordering two, one for my helper also.


So this being said…GOAL NUMBER TWO….Build my art business to have people come to my website, and help me to be recognized through my art style. GOAL NUMBER 3….MAKE LOTS OF ART. GOAL NO. 4.,,,,,,,NEVER STOP LEARNING. Here is my blank canvas of 36 X 36 just waiting for paint, meeting goal number 3.